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Top 16 Yellow Skins in CS2

These are the top 16 yellow skins on Counter-Strike 2 that would be best to show off if you are looking for that banana colored skin. This top skins list does not look at the price of weapons but at the design of the skin itself, so don’t be surprised if you find cheap and expensive skins mixed closely together.

This list of based on the color of the skins being yellow, not to be confused with a yellow rarity which appears on the name of items that are exceedingly rare items.

1. AK-47 | Fuel Injector (The Wildfire Collection)

This AK has a futuristic look made with yellow and dark gray paint. The receiver, handguard and handle are painted yellow. The buttstock is painted with dark gray paint. The charger is painted gray and has a complex engraving design that goes throughout the charger. Finally, the buttstock and the handguard of this weapon are signed with the original name of the gun “Supercharged”.

The AK-47 Fuel Injector was added to the game on the 17th of February 2016.

AK-47 | Fuel Injector Price


2. M4A4 | Buzz Kill (The Glove Collection)

This M4A4 has an industrial and futuristic design. The body of the gun is mostly painted yellow but also has black on it. The body of the weapon and the buttstock has small inscriptions in black and white. The handguard and the buttstock are partially painted black and complemented with a graphic design of wavy black lines. The charger and the handle are adorned with a geometrical pattern of diagonal lines painted with different shadows of green on a black background.

The M4A4 Buzz Kill was added to the game on the 28th of November 2016.

3. MAC-10 | Stalker (The Shattered Web Collection)

The body of the MAC-10 Stalker is painted yellow and is complemented with a design of diagonal stripes that imitates a wild tiger scratch and different sized and colored dots. The principal design of this weapon consists of a blue and pink painted design that imitates the face of a wild cat with its mouth open. The design is complemented with an inscription of the word “stalker” made of black and pink paint. The charger is adorned with blue diagonal stripes and the belt is painted yellow.

The MAC-10 Stalker was added to the game on the 18th of November 2019.

4. SSG 553 | Colony lV (The Shattered Web Collection)

The SSG 553 Colony lV is painted with a combination of orange, yellow, gray, and blue. The body and the scope of the weapon are painted with a combination of orange and yellow that seems to be a stream of lava and the body has a graphic design of a mutated red ant. The charger and the handle are adorned whit a design of heads inside o a gas mask. The handguard is complemented with a design of blue lines.

The SSG 553 Colony lV was added to the game on the 18th of November 2019.

SSG 553 | Colony lV Price


5. Desert Eagle | Blaze (The dust collection)

The body of the Desert Eagle Blaze is painted solid black and in the front part of the side has a graphic design that seems to be a burning flame in a gradient of yellow and orange. The small parts of the weapon are painted black and the only design that has the weapon is the flames, that is why the weapon is named “Blaze”.

The Desert Eagle Blaze was added to the game on the 14th of August 2013.

6. Glock-18 | Bullet Queen (The Prisma 2 Collection)

This Glock-18 has a color scheme between black and yellow. The front part of the side is painted solid black. There are many images of scarlet stars and flying bullets painted on a cartoon design throughout the entire pistol. The principal graphic design of the pistol is a winking girl dressed in a red jacket that is located on the handle. The design of a small yellow crown is painted above the girl’s head.

The Glock-18 Bullet Queen was added to the game on the 31st of March 2020.

Glock-18 | Bullet Queen Price


7. FAMAS | Neutral Net (The Falchion Collection)

The weapon is majorly painted metallic yellow and has an abstract geometrical pattern throughout the weapon. The weapon has small details painted solid gray. The buttstock has the same electric yellow pattern and has an individual part painted dark green. The entire handle is painted solid gray and the charger does not have any design on it and is painted solid black.

The FAMAS Neutral Net was added to the game on the 26th of May 2015.

FAMAS | Neutral Net Price


8. UMP-45 | Blaze (The Mirage Collection)

The UMP-45 Blaze has a similar design as the Desert Eagle Blaze. The body of the weapon has a design that seems to be a burning flame in a gradient of yellow and orange on a solid black background. The smallest detail of the body is painted solid black. The charger looks worn out and is painted solid black. The handle and the buttstock are painted solid black.

The UMP-45 Blaze was added to the game on the 27th of November 2013.

9. Galil AR | Chatterbox (The Chroma Collection)

Individual parts of the Galil AR Chatterbox are painted yellow and complemented with an animalistic design that leads to black tiger stripes. The charger has a yellow and black paint and is adorned with a graphic design of horizontal bullets throughout the charger. The main design of the body is an image of a white skull that is complemented with the inscription “feed me”. The handle and individual parts of the weapon are painted brown and the design is complemented with white details.

The Galil AR Chatterbox was added to the game on the 8th of January 2015.

Galil AR | Chatterbox Price


10. Tec-9 | Terrace (The Rising Sun Collection)

The body of the Tec-9 Terrace has a geometrical design that seems to a 3d maze and is painted yellow, gray, tan, and orange. The pattern is complemented with a thin orange outline. The internal barrel of the pistol is not painted and finally, the magazine is painted solid yellow.

The Tec-9 Terrace was added to the game on the 26th of May 2015.

11. AWP | Dragon Lore (The Cobblestone Collection)

One of the most expensive skins is the AWP Dragon Lore, which has consistently seen it’s price increase over time as the weapon become rarer to find. The background of the AWP Dragon Lore fades from a dark orange to golden yellow, on top is a dragon breathing a bright golden flame out of it’s mouth with it’s thin body crawling down the back half of the the weapon. The scope has a yellow and black checker pattern which can also be seen on the end of the barrel and on the buttstock.

Don’t be shocked if you try and look up the price of this weapon below only to find that there are none available. This skin is extremely rare to find now as collectors pick them up fast when they hit the market for a reasonable price. The AWP Dragon Lore can be found as both a souvenir and regular skin.

AWP | Dragon Lore Price


12. MP9 | Bulldozer (The Assault Collection)

The Bulldozer skins are a collection of skins with the most yellow on them. They contain to just the colors of Yellow and Black. On the MP9 Bulldozer everything is yellow except for the stock, magazine and muzzle.

Skins in the Bulldozer collections include:

  • MAG-7 | Bulldozer
  • MP9 | Bulldozer
  • SG 553 | Bulldozer

The MP9 Bulldozer was released in CS2 on the 14th of August 2013 with the Assault Collection.

13. Glock-18 | Reactor (The Cache Collection)

The Glock-18 Reactor has a yellow and orange background with black nuclear symbols on the top half while the bottom half is pure black. Above the background color and symbols is a diagonal pattern which runs parallel across the skin. Unlike other skins with static images set on the skin, the nuke symbols are dynamic and change locations for each seed of on the skin. This makes certain variants of this more sought after than others.

The Glock-18 Reactor is available in both the regular and Stattrak version. It was released in the Cache Collection on the 8th of August 2014 which was also the same time that souvenir versions of certain skins were added to the game.

Glock-18 | Reactor Price


14. P2000 | Scorpion (The Dust Collection)

With yellow and orange waves the P2000 scorpion is certainly one skin to stand out. The bottom half of the skin in black with an orange scorpion sticker permanently placed on it behind the trigger. There is also the word P2000 outlined in black on the handle.

The P2000 can be replaced with the USP-S while in game so there is no point getting a skin for both weapons unless you plan on swapping between both. This was released with one of the first group of skins to be released in the game on the 14th of August 2013 with the Arms Deal update.

15. M9 Bayonet | Tiger Tooth

The Tiger Tooth skin on the M9 Bayonet is one of the better known skins in the Counter-Strike 2 community. It is a yellow knife with a black handle. The yellow part which is made out of metal has darker yellow stripes diagonally along it in the same direction. This knife skin is only available in three cases which are the Chrome Case, Chrome 2 Case and Chrome 3 Case. Available in both Stattrak and regular edition but only in the Factory New and Minimal Wear condition.

M9 Bayonet | Tiger Tooth Price


16. Negev | Power Loader (The Revolver Case Collection)

One of the best Negev skins in the game is the Power Loader. It has a mainly yellow with blue, black and white added in color pallet. IT has the word “NEGEV” written in black across the middle of the weapon. The ammo pouch is blue and the rest of the weapon has a mix of the different colors as diagonal stripes across it.

This skin would also pair well with the MAC-10 | Stalker which has the same exact color pallet with a picture of a cougar on the rear of the weapon. This weapon was added to the game inside the revolver case on the 8th of December 2015.

Negev | Power Loader Price


As a bonus, here are some yellow stickers you can place over your skins to add more yellow to them:

  • VoX Katowice 2015 or 2014
  • Dragon Lore (Foil)
  • Crown (Foil)
  • Flammable (Foil)
  • Headhunter (Foil)
  • New Sheriff (Foil)
  • Sticker | Phoenix Reborn (Foil)

Showing off your yellow skins in-game can be great, especially if you stick to a single color such as yellow. Getting a higher rank is even more impressive, get out of silver now with our newly released course. That is the top 16 yellow skins in CS2, now go out and show them off.

Interested in another color or themed skins? Check out our Red, Black or CS2 Anime Skin list.

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