Recommended Gear

Over the years I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of hours playing video games and with that comes the use of many different items of gear. I’ve used some quite fantastic hardware but I’ve also come across some real duds so lucky for you I won’t be recommending any of them.

Keep in mind that these won’t be just your average list of the latest gear that has hit the shelves. My intention on this page is to recommend well priced, high-quality items that I use or would use myself!

Some people say that you can’t buy skill but it’s obvious they’ve not upgraded their gear in a while. It’s amazing the feedback that people don’t realize they’re missing out on in some of the latest monitors, headset and mice that have come out over the last few years.

As a gamer it’s super important that you get the right equipment otherwise you’re just throwing your money away. There is no point buying it, waiting for it to arrive and use it for only a small amount of time just to have to repeat the steps because it’s broken already. Buying second hand is also risky as it could be broken before you even get it.

Gear used by Pros