About CS SPY

I was having trouble finding up to date information and guides for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and that’s when I decided to create this website, CS Spy. The name CS Spy comes is a mix of two words, CS is a shortened version of Counter-Strike, the video game that this website is dedicated around. Spy is can be fined as making out something by careful observation, meaning we take a look at the information people need and produce on this website to help them.

The website has grown since opening and we now dives into all topics based around CS:GO. Articles are published each week into our guides, updates, and skins categories.

We care about the community and have created tools to help them, this includes a database of every skin in CS:GO, a crosshair generator and .

About the Owner

My name is Jesse, I’ve been playing the Counter-Strike since the release of Counter-Strike: Source in November 2004. Once the latest release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was release I moved straight over to it and have spent over 3,900 hours in just CS:GO alone. You can see verify my exact amount of playtime on my Steam account, where it also shows my CS:GO inventory and other owned games.

CSGO Play time
Proof of playtime and Achievements in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Here are some stats you might find interesting about my time in CS:GO.

K/D Ratio 1.11
Favourite WeaponM4A1-S
Favorite Weapons Kills21,349
Matches Played4666
Money Earned$261,610,720
Rounds Played93,239
MVP Stars11,524
Shots Fired2,071,216
Windows Broken16,746

Stats from the CS:GO Launch to May 2020

Not only have I spent a lot of time in the video game but I also operate WinCSGO.com a website that allows people to get CS:GO skins for free by filling out surveys and playing games.

I’ve also published a book on Amazon titled “Ultimate Guide: Make Money Playing Video Games“. It’s about exactly as the title says, making money while playing video games. It explores all of the opportunities that players have to monetize their gaming time.