List of Working Counter-Strike Gambling Websites in 2023

As a person who loves to gamble I wanted to have a place where I could find out which CS2 gambling websites currently work and those which do not steal from their players. A website that has a real person reviewing and using them instead of a website that has just looked at the website but has not actually used it themselves. That is why I’ve made a list that will be kept updated so you can review it at any time.

#NameDescriptionMain GamesSign-up Bonus (Using our link)
1CSGOEmpireAs the owner of this website and the YouTube channel, CSGOEmpire has been the one website I have always recommended to anyone wanting to play on a CS2 gambling website. I’ve used their website since starting this website and it is clear they are leagues ahead in looking after their userbase compared to others. They have live support in multiple languages, pioneered the provably fair in this industry, free trade marketplace, and have always appeared to strive for the perfect user experience.

Due to regulations around they world, they do however lock people out from using parts of their website in certain countries so if you are in one of those countries and want to gamble you unfortunately need to find an alternative. I am not joking when I say that I’ve had issues with the majority of CS2 gambling websites, but I have never come close to an issue with CSGOEmpire.
Free cases which contain Balance.
2Clash GGClash GG is the newest website on the block, who have put a lot of work into their website. They have a live support option available which I have used myself.Crash
5% Top-up Bonus
Daily Bonus, and events.
3CSGORollComing second on the list is CSGORoll, they’ve added new games to their website over time and have a reward system in place which you can use every day without topping up.Roulette
3 Free cases and a 5% Bonus on deposit.
4FarmskinsFor those who love opening cases, I’ve always returned back to Farmskins. It is a simple game just like opening cases in CS2.Case OpeningUp to $1 free balance.
5DatdropA good website for player-vs-player case opening battles. Again this is where I come back to for my case battles as they just do it so well.Case Opening
Case Battle
5% Deposit Bonus using code CSSPY.
6500A little over the top to look at and understand but I am happy to say that I have not had an issue with 500. They offer a variety of games and offer peer-to-peer withdrawals.500 BUX.
7DaddySkinsGood case opening website with support. I have spoken to the owner of this website before and have not had an issue with this website before.5% Top-up bonus using promo code CSSPY.
8CS2PositiveThis website focuses on eSports and has a nice layout.eSports BettingNone.
9RollbitProvides unique games compared to other CS2 Gambling websites, they focus more on slots and casino games. They’ve blocked players in multiple countries due to their laws.Slots
Casino Games
Use the code CSSPY on sign up for a free balance of $0.50.
10EZYStandard case opening website with an easy (no pun intended) domain name to remember.Case OpeningBonus Balance.
11WTF SkinsAn old website that hasn’t really been updated. It has peer-to-peer trading and multiple games. It does not have many players now compared to the amount it use to have.Crash
Use code CSSPY on the “FREE” page to get $0.25 balance for free.
12HellcaseBeware of using this website, it has been a long time since I’ve recommended them and they’ve changed the website a decent amount since then. Their backend did not match what was shown to users, see more about the issue here.10% Bonus on all deposits.
13GamdomProvides access to multiple games.Crash

Gambling CS2 Items can be a problem

Using these websites is not a way to make money over the long run as the house always has the odds in their favor. For example, CSGOEmpire publicly stated that their house edge was 6.66% which is nice of them to state publicly, taking this information and assuming you bet solely on one color you would end up losing money in the long run. If you have a problem gambling please seek local help, use the Google Search “help with problem gambling” to find them. The large majority of people are fine having some fun by winning or losing CS2 Items, you should never feel the need to win back your losses.