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YouTuber Sparkles in Hot Water After Being Exposed

In this blog post report, we delve into the controversial history of Edd Stanton, known as Sparkles, a popular YouTube influencer within the CS2 community. This article’s aim is to go over the information released by Monarch the owner of CSGOEmpire.

While he portrays himself as an innocent and trustworthy figure, recent revelations shed light on his involvement in promoting fraudulent online casinos. The document in question aimed to expose Sparkles’ true colors and shed light on the importance of influencers conducting due diligence on the platforms they endorse.

The History between Monarch and Sparkles

Monarch and Sparkles have had a longstanding acquaintance, during which Monarch expressed concerns about the sponsorships Sparkles accepted for his YouTube channel. Many of the casinos Sparkles promoted lacked a Provably Fair system, which ensures transparency and fairness. These discussions allowed Monarch to voice his disappointment in seeing Sparkles align himself with sponsors who did not adhere to high standards of transparency and fairness.

Despite Monarch’s efforts to expose fraudulent practices in the skin gambling industry, Sparkles continued to perpetuate a false narrative, ignoring Monarch’s warnings. Monarch’s track record of exposing scandals and advocating for integrity speaks volumes about his true intentions. Monarch also showed support for legitimate and fair competition in the scene.

The Issue with Promoting Scam Sites

Promoting casinos without Provably Fair systems is highly irresponsible, as it compromises the trust of viewers who rely on the influencer’s judgment. Sparkles endorsed several scam sites, including Skin Club, DaddySkins, DatDrop, CS2Diamonds, Drakemoon, and Drakewing. These sites operated fraudulently, engaging in misleading advertising, predatory tactics, and lacking transparency and fairness. Although some of these sites made improvements later, Sparkles initially promoted them without proper due diligence.

This behavior demonstrates a lack of care for transparency and fairness within the gambling scene. It is the responsibility of any casino to prove their legitimacy, and influencers, especially those with substantial audiences, should conduct thorough due diligence on the operations of the casinos they accept sponsorships from.

CS2Diamonds and Drakemoon Scandals

Sparkles was sponsored by CS2Diamonds, a fraudulent online casino involved in supplying a sponsored player with advance knowledge of outcomes, resulting in rigged games. Despite the scandal, Sparkles continued promoting the site, misleading his audience and potentially causing financial losses. This behavior raised questions about Sparkles’ judgment, integrity, and trustworthiness.

Similarly, Sparkles endorsed Drakemoon, which enticed children to gamble and defrauded users through predatory practices. Even after facing criticism, Sparkles promoted Drakewing, another casino from the same owners, demonstrating a disregard for ethical considerations and the consequences of his actions.

The Problem with CSGORoll

CSGORoll, a casino masquerading as a skins marketplace, faced various issues, including an empty withdrawal page, seizure of user balances, and allegations of money laundering. Despite being made aware of these problems, Sparkles continued to promote CSGORoll, disregarding the safety and interests of his followers.

This behavior raises questions about his commitment to transparency, accountability, and responsibility as an influencer.

The Testimonial of Bob

Conversation between Bob and Sparkles, potentially altered.

Bob’s unfortunate experience sheds light on the consequences of Sparkles’ actions. After having his account permanently banned with a significant amount of funds, Bob reached out to Sparkles for help. However, Sparkles displayed a lack of empathy and blocked Bob, leaving him feeling ignored and disheartened.

Bob’s story is not unique and underscores the negative impact of Sparkles’ promotion of fraudulent platforms. It reveals how Sparkles prioritizes personal gains over the well-being of his audience.

A Sponsored Video on an Empty Withdrawal Page

Despite being aware of CSGORoll’s liquidity issues and empty withdrawal page, Sparkles released a sponsored video promoting the platform. This act was highly unethical as it encouraged viewers to deposit their skins without the ability to withdraw their winnings. The public backlash prompted Sparkles to take down the video. This incident highlights Sparkles’ disregard for the well-being and financial safety of his viewers.

Behind the Sparkles Persona

Beneath the facade of Sparkles’ innocent and trustworthy online persona lies a troubling history of promoting scams and disregarding the well-being of his followers. Testimonials from various sources reveal a growing discontent within the CS2 community regarding Sparkles’ involvement in deceptive practices. Many individuals express disappointment in his actions and question his integrity and credibility as an influencer.

Sparkles’ pattern of promoting fraudulent online casinos raises concerns about his moral compass and the values he upholds. The testimonials highlight the consequences of his endorsements, which have led viewers to financial losses and shattered trust. The CS2 community rightly expects influencers to prioritize the safety and interests of their audience over personal gains. Unfortunately, Sparkles has failed to live up to these expectations, choosing to profit from his partnerships with scam sites rather than protecting his viewers from harm.

The testimonials also shed light on Sparkles’ tendency to block and ignore individuals who voice their concerns or share their negative experiences. This dismissive behavior further deepens the divide between Sparkles and his audience, eroding the trust that is crucial in any influencer-viewer relationship. The lack of empathy and accountability displayed in these interactions raises questions about Sparkles’ commitment to transparency, open dialogue, and the responsibilities that come with having a significant online presence.

The CS2 community deserves influencers who prioritize honesty, integrity, and the well-being of their audience. The revelations surrounding Sparkles’ promotion of scams call into question his suitability as a trusted figure within the community. Moving forward, it is essential for viewers to exercise caution and critically evaluate the platforms endorsed by influencers. By holding influencers accountable and demanding higher standards of transparency and integrity, the CS2 community can foster a safer and more trustworthy environment for all its members.

CSGOEmpires Call to Action

In light of Sparkles’ long history of promoting fraudulent casinos within the CS2 community, CSGOEmpire state that it is imperative that he takes responsibility for his actions. At the very least, they expect him to issue a sincere apology video, acknowledging his past actions and committing to cease promoting scams in the future. Despite numerous warnings over the years, Sparkles has consistently chosen financial gain over the well-being of his millions of unsuspecting followers. It is time for him to face the consequences of his actions, and we are taking steps to hold him accountable through every available means.

To rectify the harm caused by his actions, we extend a personal invitation to Sparkles. They’ve urged him to engage in a public conversation with Monarch, during which Monarch the owner of CSGOEmpire will provide guidance on the necessary steps Sparkles must take to compensate for the damages incurred. They state that while participating in this, it doesn’t absolve Sparkles of the consequences he may face. Though it may contribute to a potential reduction in the severity of those consequences.

CSGOEmpire lastly alleges that Sparkes sent this private message to Monarch:
“Must really suck having all that money, yet still absolutely no respect apart from the people you pay to be around you, and the people you literally pay to respond positively under your tweets. You are genuinely a pathetic person that has a drug problem and needs psychiatric help. I urge you to seek some before you do yourself or others around you any more harm.”

Sparkles – Promoting Scams – Link to the document:


The revelations in this report expose Sparkles’ involvement in promoting fraudulent online casinos and highlight the need for influencers to prioritize transparency, due diligence, and the interests of their audience. Sparkles’ actions have demonstrated a lack of concern for the well-being of his followers and ethical implications of his partnerships.

The CS2 community deserves transparency and fairness, and influencers must play a responsible role in upholding the integrity of the industry. It is essential for viewers to exercise caution and critically evaluate the platforms endorsed by influencers, considering the potential risks involved. By holding influencers accountable, we can create a safer and more transparent gambling scene.

Disclaimer: CS Spy has business relations with CSGOEmpire, and some of the companies that Sparkles has worked with. CS Spy itself is independent on this topic and has previously stated that it has had issues with the main companies that this topic is about.

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