Working Trading Website for CS2 in 2024

Over the years many of the great trading websites have shut down leaving players like myself questioning which are the current and best CS2 trading skins. I was sick of going to a website one day and having it shut down the next, losing skins and balance along the way. So I’m keeping an updated database of trading websites ranked from best to worst so you have a place to refer to when looking for CS2 skins.

#NameDescriptionSign-up Bonus (Using our link)
1CSGOEmpireThere is no doubt in my mind that CSGOEmpire is the best place to use as a trading platform. Trading is only part of their website and they don’t charge a tax. You are able to withdraw in Crypto if you don’t want other skins. Lastly, there are several places in the world you cannot use CSGOEmpire however they may have opened up only their trading section to these countries recently.Free Case Containing Balance
2SkinportSkinport is unique as they allow you to deposit your skin on their website and when it sells they’ll deposit the funds into your bank account.None.
3TradeItA trading website that uses bots, it allows you to sell and trade items without depositing your item first.Our link provides a $5 first trade bonus and 10% top-up or purchase bonus on sign-up.
4Buff MarketThe trading website opened in 2019, still is online and uses between accounts. Good sign-up bonus compared to others.Free Skin Lucky Draw
5DMarketTrade between a large number of different games.None.
6CSGOFloatFantastic website to find the lowest floats available and who owns them, they’ve expanded to include trading.None.
7BitSkinsOld trading website that was once really popular, users have to deposit their skins. It was shut down and purchased by a new owner.None.
8CS.TradeSimilar to other skin trading websites that use bots however it has been around a long time.May provide free Balance.
9CSGOSellyIf you’ve wanted to cash out your skins and receive the funds via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Crypto, and CashApp. Be aware there is a 5% cashout fee.$0.50 Balance.
10Skins MoneyA skin trading website using bots similar to others but has had more effort put into producing the features and content.$5 Bonus on first trade, 35% fund deposit bonus.
11LootbearLootbear allows you to not only trade your skins but also rent them out to earn a small income over time.10 Days free.
12Swap.GGSkin Trading website using bots, similar to others.None.
13CS.DealsClunky CS2 Trading website using bots that are similar to other websites like it.None.
14Buff 163Chinese CS2 trading website, you need to know your country’s phone code to sign up as it is in mandarin.None.
15CSGOTraderJust like the old trading website, you list what items you are selling and people can contact you to trade.48-Hour Premium Account.
16CS.MoneyBot trading website which was hacked at one point. It is now back online but they lied to us in regarding a partnership they had with us. The only reason they are listed here is because we want to ensure you know of the websites available to Trade CS2 skins.None.
17Steam Community MarketSteams own marketplace, many third-party website have opened due to the high tax steam charges and lack of filtering options.None.

If you have seen a new website pop-up that has been reputable feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us page and let us know what it is, and it may be added to this list.