CS2 Skins – Websites Link Generator

This free tool was developed as a fast way to get links to all of the websites that sell Counter-Strike 2 skins. I made it so that I could search for a CS2 skin and find the cheapest one easily with the ability to filter certain skins out.

You are able to filter items by their name, rarity, and wear with the ability to find every weapon in CS2 that can be traded.


  1. Place in part or all of the item name you want to look up.
  2. Add Stattrak to the name if you’re only after Stattrak items
  3. Select any filters you want to restrict the results. EG: Rarity or Wear
  4. Click the button that says “Generate” and the links will become available.

The websites that are currently supported include:

  • Steam Marketplace
  • Bitskins
  • Skinport (Formally known as Skinbay and Skincay)
  • SkinBaron

If you know of another website and feel like it would suit this tool, send us an e-mail on our Contact Us page. We will review it and if it is well suited, we will add it for free.



  • Skincay has changed names to Skinport.


  • Skincay has been renamed to Skinport, name and links updated again after the last rename.