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CS Spy is a website dedicated to providing its users with detailed information and guides around the Counter Strike video game brand published by Valve. We do this on both our Website and YouTube account.

Our website is focused on:

  • Counter-Strike 2 Guides
  • Counter-Strike 2 Updates
  • Counter-Strike News
  • Gaming News
  • Video Game Deals

We consider our website one of the most dedicated websites focused around the video game Counter-Strike. Reaching audiences different demographics of audiences who are interested in the first person shooter video game genre.

Our Target Audience

We target the age group 18-24 with over 55% of our users being within that age range according to YouTube Analytics. All who play video games online and who have an internet connection. Our content is focused on a specific video game Counter-Strike 2 but branch out into similar games.

Snapshot of our Statistics

Unique Monthly Visits: 11,000

YouTube (SlyJesse):
Subscribers: 5,300+
Total Views: 2,450,000+

CS2 Discord (Link):
Users: 1,600+

Ways of Advertising

Sponsored Posts

Have a post about a certain subject, guide or game posted on our website with your advertisement or link within it. The subject should relate to video games, the internet or computer programs in some way. Contact us for more information.

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If you have a service, product or website that you want to be reviewed we also do these. However, if we review them it’ll be our own honest review with a link back to you.

Banner Ads

Place your banner site-wide almost anywhere on our website. We have different sizes and locations to help you choose if needed.

Video Sponsor

Either have your company advertisement play within the video or receive a verbal shout out in a future video. These come with a link within the description as well to help users visit your website after the video description. Just like posts we also do honest reviews through video as well.

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Please contact us regarding any advertisement and we’ll happily discuss rates, sizes, and position options.