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CSGORoll KYC is Stealing Money – What To Do

CSGORoll today has added a know-your-customer (KYC) requirement prior to playing on the website after you deposit. You should read this now to ensure you know what is happening so you don’t lose money. It is being said by others that as soon as they have deposited money onto CSGORoll, their account is flagged and they need to complete KYC to use the website. It is unknown to me at this point if this includes withdraws, but with the complaints not mentioning it you could assume it doesn’t.

This negatively affects everyone who makes a deposit because it is essentially locking people’s money on the website. Forcing people to lose their money by withdrawing Counter-Strike skins at a massive loss to the user, or giving up on the money and handing it to CSGORoll.

The solution: If you’ve used a credit card, I would recommend that you consider reaching out to their support for a refund. If they refuse, start the process for a chargeback as you cannot withdraw the funds back to your account. It is rare that I would tell someone to charge back as the company normally has to pay a fee when you do, but in this circumstance it may be required.

I have personally tried to do without something under 190% price markup over the last two hours and only got a single item before giving up. This item was marked up by almost 20%.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve called out CSGORoll, 3 years ago I made a video when they disabled people’s ability to withdraw if they had a storage container in their inventory.

On a Personal Note

As the owner of CS Spy, I’ve been following the controversy for years aimed at CSGORoll by CSGOEmpire since its reopening. Due to people including myself not unable to withdraw without paying an insane markup, I will be removing advertisements for them from the website until this issue is resolved. I also wanted to state that I am not choosing a side between these two companies, but I am doing what I believe is the correct thing as information comes out.

I have been negatively affected by both CSGOEmpire and CSGORoll, and I believe this drama is negatively affecting not just me but the entire Counter-Strike skins scene. Trading as we have it now could soon be a thing of the past, but let us all hope it doesn’t.

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