Best Headsets And Microphones For CS:GO – Top Picks For 2021

A microphone is one of the main hardware add-ons you can use in game that allows you to enjoy the game beyond that which is already provided. It allows you to communicate with your team and hear the enemy when they are all around you. This page has been updated for the year 2021.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on different headsets and microphones and have found affordable high-quality audio ones that are comfy which I’ve stuck with for many years now.

Logitech G533 Wireless Headset

G533 Headset for CSGO
G533 Headset for CS:GO

What I love about my wireless headset is that I am able to walk around the house with it while still being able to hear what was going on in-game or on YouTube if I was watching a video. The Logitech G533 (Check price on Amazon) is one of the cheaper versions of a wireless headset but doesn’t let you down on features.

It provides a 7.1 Surround sound system just on your head which you can turn on or off within the settings. This helps you hear and locate enemy positions around you especially when someone reloads, throws a grenade or starts to plant the bomb.

The headset is lighter than previous versions of Logitech’s wireless headsets with mesh earmuff covers making it a bit more comfortable. The ear muffs can also be easily removed so you can clean them and pop them back on at will.

Built for gaming it also has a noise-canceling microphone making it great for your teammates as you make clear calls. It is also easy to access buttons on the left-hand earpiece which mute the microphone, change the volume and turn the headset on or off.

I’ve had multiple wireless headsets and I must say once you have one you’ll never want to go back to wired. It’s just so convenient being able to move around freely still being able to hear everything and not have that extra wire around you.

Samson C01U Podcasting Pack

C01U Podcasting Pack for Gaming
C01U Podcasting Pack for Gaming

If you’re looking for a Microphone to sit on your desk or on a stand that you’ll be recording YouTube videos with then by far I cannot recommend the Samson C01U (Check price on Amazon).

The amount of sound that this microphone can pick up is amazing but can sometimes be a problem if, for instance, you are recording your voice for a video. It is not as huge of a problem as you think as all you need to do is play around with the settings to make sure the microphone captures just the right amount of sound for you.

The podcast set with the C01U is very durable too, I’ve dropped mine many times and it still works the same as when I bought it.

The downside though is over the years the elastic bands have worn and I had replaced them with cheap hair bands only once. The shock mount it comes with however is excellent especially if you hit your desk or the microphone, it prevents it hitting anything making a loud bang sound in your recording.

Logitech G233 or Logitech G430

G233 Headset for Gaming
G233 Headset for Gaming

This my recommended budget option, the Logitech G233 or G430 (Check price on Amazon) are both wired headset. I am not the only one saying this is one of the best budget gaming headsets as well. It is very similar to its wireless counterpart the G533.

The sound is just as good which I’ve always looked for in all the headsets I’ve purchased. Just like it’s previous versions it is comfy on your head for long. My last headset lasted me 2 years of daily use of almost every moment I was awake before switching back to the wireless Logitech G533.

I’ve used this as well as previous versions for a long time now that’s how impressed I’ve been with Logitech. Obviously, if you are an audiophile you will need something else but for gaming and general use, these are beyond perfect.

It comes with two cables, one being a long one meant for your computer with gaming that comes with a sound volume control built into it. The other one is a short one meant to be used when you’re using the headset as just a headset when you’re walking around listening to music on your phone or iPod. It also comes with a clip that you can place onto your shirt to keep the cord from catching on things.

Logitech G430 for use in CSGO
Logitech G430 for use in CS:GO


There are a few microphones that you should consider and each fill in a specific need.  You should buy the microphone that best suits your specific need and what you want to me. Right now I am using the G533 as well as the Samson C01U as I also make YouTube videos and record my voice. My voice comes through crystal clear while I have the ability to move around my entire house with my wireless headset.