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Which CS2 gambling websites are legitimate [2020 Update]

With all the C:SGO gaming websites popping up it’s hard to know which ones are legitimate and which ones are fake. We’ve done the research for you so you don’t have to worry and we’ve even gone that bit further and found some that may fit your specific needs. That information is listed here so you know what you need to know before joining.

I have reviewed each of the websites listed on this website for the year 2020 to ensure they all work. However if you are looking for a new larger list for the new year we have created a list of Every Working CS2 Gambling Website in 2020. Check it out!

Case Opening sites we recommend

If you want to make sure that you’re going to get an item no matter what you bet then case opening websites will fill that hole. Their fantastic if you have a list of items you want and can find them in a case because you have a good chance of getting the items on your list. I use this!

Farm Skins

  • Old and reputable website.
  • Lots of different cases to open.
  • Deposit using G2A Pay or Skin2Pay.
  • Live Support.
  • Requires at least $4 in total deposited to withdraw.
  • Daily Bonus – Requires a $20 deposit.

Case Battle Opening we Recommend

Case Battle Opening websites are one of the latest hits within the gambling community. Instead of opening a case, you go up against other players. The amount of players may range from 2 to 4 including yourself. The player who unboxes the highest valued items in total takes all the weapon skins unboxed.


By far the most visually appealing website out of any on this list, once you’ve been on this website will look dull. DatDrop does case opening but has specialized player vs. player battle case openings.

  • Get a free case every $5 deposited.
  • Most active Case Opening Website.
  • Also has Case Opening for solo play.

Make sure to use to promo code “csspy” for an extra 5% when you top up. You can use this code an unlimited amount of time!

Popular CS2 Gambling Websites we Recommend

CS2 Empire

Another one of those popular websites that we’ve used it offers players the ability to play Roulette or slots. Roulette is a very popular choice for this website. It has a live chat that gives you the ability to chat with others while you play. It also shows you everything you can withdraw which is by far my favorite feature over every other website.

  • One of the oldest and largest CS2 Gambling websites
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Free 50 coins for joining.
  • Free Spin – Requires you to add their website to your steam name.
  • Withdraw CS2 Skins, VGO, Dota 2, Rust, H1Z1 and Just Survive!

CS2aste – Shut Down 2023

This is the site that I currently use myself. With all the issues going on with withdrawing skins this one has remained and is the main reason why I keep going back. Only people who bet a decent amount are about to chat so it’s not clogged up with spam and you can focus on the actual game.

  • Withdraw CS2, Dota2, H1Z1 and Rust items
  • Deposit G2Apay, CS2, Dota2, H1Z1, TF2 and Rust and Crypto
  • Active Community

Keep in mind though the FAQ seems to have not been updated as the site a grown and there is some outdated information within it.

Withdrawn without deposit

Not many people realize that with the majority of these websites they won’t allow you to withdraw anything unless you’ve put a certain amount in and gambled with it. If you’re looking for a CS2 gambling website that allows you to withdraw without having to deposit you’re going to have a have a hard time. It’s not impossible though as people have searched, signed up to these websites for the free offer and win big. Withdrawing their skins without ever putting anything in.

We recommend trying CS2 Fast, listed below.

E-Sports and Live Match Betting

By far the best betting site for entertainment if you want to bet on e-sports. You’re able to watch the game live and see all the action as it unfolds during the game. The website layout is very nice, simple and easy to navigate unlike a lot of skin gambling websites.

  • Matches are streamed live so you can watch and see the outcome yourself.
  • Bet on CS2, Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft and Hearthstone games.
  • Deposit using Skrill, Webmoney, Yandex, Alipay and more.
  • Also have instant games, sports betting and slots.
Other Sites

These are websites that we’ve only briefly dealt with that I think you should know about. I don’t highly recommend them for a reason that I’ve listed or I just that I haven’t used them enough but these are other websites that you can use.

CS2 Fast

CS2 Fast was the largest community of players compared to the others. Since changes with how trading on the steam platform work they changed their website to just be a CS2 themed gambling website using credit cards and bitcoin. They have a very smooth website which is easy to navigate and didn’t appear to have any lag where some other sites appear to. They also have the most in-depth FAQ page full of answers to tons of questions.

  • Free coins up to 100 times, No advertising needed!
  • Deposit with CS2, Dota 2, VGO and G2A Pay
  • 12 different games to play.
  • Largest active player base.


For full transparency we like letting you know what we’ve previously recommended and why we don’t recommend them anymore.

CS2 RollShut Down and Reopened

Sometimes you like a site but they’re just having a problem. CS2 Roll was on our recommended list for gambling websites however they’re currently having an issue with their depositing and withdraw system. Once that is fixed we will still highly recommend them. For a while, they had a lot of players but has since died down while we wait for them to fix issues with OP Skins.

  • Accepts your items through OP Skins.
  • You must bet at least 80% of your deposits to be able to withdraw.
  • Free Spin up to 10,000 coins – Requires you to have their website in your username and that you’ve deposited at least 5 coins in total.

If you own a similar website to these or have a favorite one you use that you want me to know about feel free to let me know. It’s great knowing the new betting and gambling websites coming out especially those where my readers are having a good time.

CS2 Roll Update: They are back online now after a year being away but I believe this information is important to keep here.

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