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Every Working CS2 Gambling Website in 2020

Another year has passed and many Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Gambling websites have opened and closed their doors. Betting with CS2 items has dramatically increased over the last year after the company Valve shut down many of the websites in June 2016.

These websites have been organized into their primary type of gambling website that they are. Every website that is listed here I have personally tried out to confirm they are legitimate and working as intended. I did a lot of research to finish this list for you to prevent the loss of items or money to scammers or broken and fake websites. There is the website name, description, and withdrawal methods available.

This list was updated on the 6th of October 2020 to remove a website that has closed down.


CS2 Empire homepage in January 2020
CS2 Empire – The most popular CS2 Roulette Gambling Website

Very similar to a real roulette table, there are CS2 gambling websites that host roulette. Normally there are three options to bet on these websites which include Counter-Terrorists (Black – Win 2x), Terrorists (Red – Win 2x) or Green (Win 14x). Some websites have expanded adding a fourth option with an extremely low chance of hitting giving the player 50 times their bet.

Website Sign-up Bonus Other Games Information Withdraw Options
CSGOEmpireFree Case (Chance to win an AWP | Dragon Lore)Coin Flip
Match betting
By far one of the most popular gambling website and one I completely trust to handle. If I was to recommend someone to start at a certain website it would be this one as the roulette is simple to understand, there is a live support if you have an issue and it has a massive amount of deposit and withdraw options.CS2 Items
Dota 2
Receive 3 cases free
Case OpeningCSGORoll has just opened their website again after almost being on a two year break. All account which previously had balance left on them have been restored.

The three free cases with the code “csspy” is one of the best sign up bonuses any of these websites offer.

CSGORoll before it went away was one of the most popular and trusted websites so many people are relieved that it is back online.
CS2 Items
RollbitUSE CODE: csspy
Receive .50 coins free
Rumor has it that Rollbit is run by the owners of the now shut-down CS2Diamond.

Rollbit uses a different system of Roulette than other websites. In this version you select how much you want to increase your win by (as does everyone else), the wheel is spun and any amount lower than what is shown is a winner.
CS2 Items
CS2atse1,000 Free CoinsMatch Betting
CS2atse as a massive amount of skins available to withdraw and offers a good amount of different games. The jackpot seems to have no house take which is great however to withdraw you need to have bet the same amount (wager) or more than you are withdrawing. The roulette has a mega-round which pays back 50x if you win.CS2 Items
Dota 2
Receive 500BUX
Coin Flip
The roulette on CS2 is a bit different as it features 4 options instead of the no standard 3. Offering the chance of winning 50x your bet.CS2 Items
Receive $0.25 free
WTF Skins has a unique feature, a jackpot that players have a chance of getting every 3 minutes. Players must bet in each of the 3 minutes to get a chance at the jackpot and is divided among players with how much is bet. It tells you how much you will be getting so you know at all times.CS2 Items
Dota 2

Case Opening

DatDrop Homepage in January 2020
DatDrop Homepage – One of a few Case Opening Website

Opening cases on Counter-Strike 2 gives you a ridiculously small chance to make a profit with the item you get. That is why these websites have popped up. Giving you a better chance to get a good item while having customised cases letting you open things such as a knives only case.

Website Link Bonuses Other Games Information Withdraw Methods
Receive 5% extra on deposits
Case BattleDatDrop is the most popular case opening website by far as they focus heavily on case battles. Up to 4 people compete against each other attempting to open the same case with the highest value. Wins are withdrawn with Ethereum which can be used to purchase CS2 skins on external websites.Ethereum
FarmSkinsUp to $1 FREENoneFarmskins is a popular case opening that added new case themes every few weeks. The live support has gotten better over time after originally being horrible last year. You are able to withdraw CS2 items, switch it for free for other items around the same value if the item is not in stock, or wait for it to be in stock again.CS2 Items
GO CaseUp to $2.50 Sign up BonusNoneThe best sign-up bonus using our link by clicking on the website name. It allows you to open up to 12 Milspec cases for free. It’s just another case opening website very similar to every other website.CS2 Items
EzyFree $0.50NoneA CS2 Case opening website which isn’t as popular as the others.CS2 Items
CS2 LiveUSE Code: CSSPYCustom CasesCS2 Live is also owned by WTF Skins but hosted on another website splitting the regular games from the case opening. What is unique about CS2 Live is that you can create your own case and chances to get each item in it.CS2 Items
DaddySkinsUse Code: CSSPY
Receive 5% extra on deposits
Case BattleDaddySkins offers both probability fair cases and regular ones with an attached jackpot.CS2 Items

Match Betting

CS2 Positive Homepage in January 2020
CS2 Positive Homepage in 2020

ESports has become huge and it did not take long for companies to notice, especially those who deal with virtual items. These websites allow you to bet on a team for professional esports matches just like regular sports.

Website Bonus Other Games Information Withdraw Methods
CS2 PositiveSign Up Bonus: 30 Free GemsNoneCS2 Positive has an amazing layout compared to other websites as well as a lot of withdrawing options. The website is translated into both English and Russian. The downside is that there is no steam login but you can link your account after. I would recommend a new player start with this website before venturing to others due to how easy it is to understand, navigate, and withdraw.Dota 2 Items
Bank Card
ThunderPick5% Bonus on your first depositNoneAs with other websites that do not have CS2 items as a withdraw option, ThunderPick requires you to withdraw your winnings and use them on a third-party website to get CS2 skins.Bitcoin


CS2 Fast – A website that offers the CS2 Jackpot game.

Jackpot allows multiple players to go into one pot with any amount or a maximum set by the website. One winner is picked at random and takes the pot minus a small amount for the website who hosts the jackpot. Some of these jackpot games can go up to thousands of dollars but everyone who enters has a chance of winning which makes it very attractive to players.

Website Bonus Other Games Information Withdraw Method
CS2 FastSign Up Bonus of 10 coinsCases
Sports Betting
An old website that features many different games. They had CS2 Items removed for over a year however they’ve added them back recently.CS2 Items
Dota 2
Skin Bet1% Bonus for every depositCoin FlipThere is not a lot of players on SkinBet but there are people playing against each other and chatting in the chat. A very simple layout that is easy to navigate. CS2 Items need to be purchased on a third-party website using Ethereum.Ethereum


A coin flip is a game that places two players are against each other with an equal chance of winning. One player takes the lot and the website takes a very small cut for hosting the coin flip.

Website Bonus Other Games Information Withdraw Methods
xHowlSign-up bonus: 20 Howl CoinsRoulettexHowl focuses mainly on the Coin Flip game where you and another player are pitted against each other with the same chance of winning.Bitcoin
Other Coins


These websites relate to CS2 very loosely and although they may have items that are CS2 items that can be withdrawn it focuses on something else.

Website Bonus Other Games Information Withdraw Method
Dice ChurchFree 0.000001 BTC DailyDice
A simple website to bet Bitcoin but has a good amount of free daily.Bitcoin
CS2 Items
RoobetInstant Access
to RooWards
Another simple website with a nice amount of free money daily.Bitcoin

Many other lists of CS2 Gambling websites that you can find online are never updated so broken websites or websites that have started to scam their users are kept on their list. We aim to keep our list updated consistently but if we miss anything you can leave a comment below and we’ll look into it right away.

Why are people gambling their CS2 Skins and Items?

Players have the ability to get CS2 skins and items for free just by playing the game. Once they get the item they can then sell them on the steam marketplace giving them a value to buy other games on the Steam marketplace. The reason people are gambling with their skins is that they are attempting to get better-looking skins, rarer skins or to sell them on the steam marketplace to purchase another game.

Using Ethereum or Cryptocurrencies to purchase CS2 Skins

As some of the websites only allow you to withdraw with Ethereum or Cryptocurrencies you will need to send them to a website that allows you to change that into CS2 Skins. I would recommend but there is an entire list of CS2 trade websites on this website that you are able to check out.

Previously Recommended

Having a list like this is great but sadly some people are horrible and start to scam users out of their CS2 skins. Any website that does this that was listed is removed and placed here letting people know we do not recommend anyone use that website anymore.

CS2Polygon – No withdraw

Popup message when you try to withdraw

Playing on CS2Polygon will never allow you to withdraw. A pop-up box will come each time telling you to bet 10,000 coins. Even after doing it many times over the pop-up box will still appear. After I personally talked to their support the response was only to bet more. Not only have I had this problem but others, hence you will never be able to withdraw from this website.

CS2 PickEm – Closed down

Sadly CS2 PickEm has shut down, one of the only third-party “PickEm” style websites available. They have left a message on their website which I have quoted below. It was good to have them as an option while they were still around.

Site has been blacklisted by Steam. Therefor, we can’t have it up anymore. Thanks for everyone playing. This is a huge loss for us.

CS2 PickEm

Case Random – Closed Down

Case Random has closed down without much notice. The website is no longer active and you cannot access it by going to the domain anymore.

Gambling CS2 Items can be a problem

Be aware that using these websites is not a way to make money. Every website has a house edge which means that the website takes a portion every time a game happens. For example, CS2 Empire publicly stated that their house edge was 6.66%, taking this information and assuming you bet solely on one color you would end up losing money in the long run. If you have a problem gambling please seek local help using the Google Search “help with problem gambling” to find them. The large majority of people are fine having some fun by winning or losing CS2 Items, you should never feel the need to win back your losses.

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