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VAC Bans Being Reversed! 5E Players Rejoice as Others Wonder if they will be Unbanned

CS2 has announced on their twitter account that they are going to be reversing VAC bans on a lot of peoples account soon. They are waiting for an external client by 5E Play (Also known as 5E Win and 5E) to update as it bypasses the the CS2 Trusted Mode update that was recently released. This update stopped many applications working with CS2 that needed to hook into the game or look at the game in fullscreen mode. Most applications affected were voice chat applications like Discord and Teamspeak or video capturing programs like xSplit.

5E is a client that allows competitive play on community servers in China. They have their own seasons and ladder but the main draw is that it is on 126 tick servers were the current CS2 client only has 64 tick. This is very similar to FaceIT which is popular around the rest of the world.

Although Twitter is strictly banned in China, CS2’s twitter account has replied to a tweet of a Chinese player called Nephh. Twitter’s access is blocked as well as many other commonly used websites such as Google in China by the Great Firewall of China.

Many people were happy when Valve announced that the Perfect World release was going to be a Chinese only server. However many people are not critical of how Valve has catered themselves to the demands of the CCP, allowing them to earn money from Chinese consumers. The reason for the critical view is that the CCP have done an extreme amount of wrong doing and are still doing it to this day, but this post and website will not go in to any details as it is only about Counter-Strike 2. Free Hong Kong.

So if you have been banned when playing with this client you can look forward to your VAC ban being removed very soon.

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