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Skinport Removes Balances! Withdraw now

Skinport is changing their payment system to Adyen which is used on other popular websites and applications including Microsoft, Uber, Spotify and eBay. The plan is the have the new payment system in place and removing everyone’s access to their balance on the 1st of November 2020. This means you have until then to use your balance on the website or withdraw it through Payoneer or Euro Bank Transfer.

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Skinport has previously been known as Skinbay and Skincay. They originally had to rename from Skinbay due to a legal letter from eBay who has gone after domain names ending in “bay” for over a decade. The name was changed to Skincay but not long after was rebranded to the more common name Skinport.

Once Adyen is implemented every purchase will go through them and cash withdraws will be sent to your bank account. Affiliate users do not have to worry as their payments will also be sent to their bank account at the end of the month, this was confirmed by the owner end on Discord. On the 1st of November 2020 the website will be offline for a few hours as they roll out the payment system update.

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