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Top 12 Red Skins in CS2

I have investigated the red skins in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) to give you the top 12 best red skins that you can find in the game. This list contains different guns and designs in which I go into more details in text below each one.

When you compare the red skins to other colors they cost more which is why you will see the prices on this list higher than each of the other lists we have made. So don’t be shocked when you see the prices, it may even be worth checking out the prices on any red skins you have in your inventory as it may surprise you.

12. Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm 弐 (The Rising Sun Collection)

The entire body of this weapon is adorned with the design of waves from Japanese traditional paintings. The entire pattern of the waves is made of red and orange metallic paintings. The handle of the weapon does have a Japanese design of a smiling man holding a cup of tea on his hands, the same design is also present in the upper part of the weapon. The weapon skin also has smalls details painted of solid light orange.

The Desert Eagle Sunset Storm 弐 was added to the game on the 26th of May 2015.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price

11. Dual Berettas | Twin Turbo (The 2018 Inferno Collection)

The Dual Berettas Twin Turbo has a complex graphic design and a mix of different colors like red, green, white, and yellow. As with the SG 553 Integrale, the design of the Dual Berettas Twin Turbo is inspired by the design of racing cars, and that is why is called twin turbo. The background of the pistols is painted white and is schemed with individual parts of red and green. Throughout all the pistol there are inscriptions and designs as advertisements and logos like “RICH-OIL”, “TURBO”, a logo of the number 25. The weapon skin is sometimes also considered to be a Christmas skin solely due to its color scheme of red, green and white.

The Dual Berettas Twin Turbo was added to the game on the 1st of September 2018.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price (Minimal Wear)

10. AUG | Hot Rod (The Assault Collection)

The AUG Hot Rod has a simple design made of red chrome paint and black solid paint. The body of the rifle and the handle are painted with chrome red. There are small black details in the body of the rifle. The charger is painted black but the bottom of it is painted red. The barrel and the scope are painted black, and the scope has an unreadable QR code design.

The AUG Hot Rod was added to the game on the 14th of August 2013 making it one of the oldest skins in CS2. Although it is a very simple design, it is extremely hard to find a factory new version without a scratch. Since this item does not come from a case there is no stattrak version available and this is only available in the condition of factory new or minimal wear. Lastly, even though this collection of the map Assault, there is no souvenir version and now the map has been removed from the map pool.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price

9. PP-Bizon | High Roller (The Spectrum 2 Collection)

High Roller is how people call the most expensive poker tournaments and that is where the PP-Bizon High Roller gets his name. The receiver has a solid red background and a graphic design of a poker combination that is called royal flush which is the best combination of poker. The charger of the PP-Bizon High Roller has a design that imitates a red and black stack of poker chips. The handle does have a black and partial wrap in leather.

The PP-Bizon High Roller was added to the game on the 14th of September the 14th 2017. At the same time of the release of the game to China through Perfect World. Rumor has it that it was a gamble to release to a normally closed off region to the western world, which is why this skin was added to the collection.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price

8. Five-SeveN | Candy Apple (The Assault Collections)

This is a very simple skin, the top half of the barrel is completely red while everything below is black. The float range available for this skin is from 0.00 to 0.30 meaning that the only three conditions which are factory new, minimal wear and field-tested.

The Candy Apple was once a very common skin being sold for under $1 however since the map Assault has been removed from the competitive map pool drops have stopped appearing for players. It is one of two skins released on the 14th of August 2013 from this collection.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price

7. M4A4 | Bullet Rain (The eSports 2014 Summer Collection)

The center of the M4A4 Bullet Rain is adorned with 5 red bullets falling from clouds on a blue background. The charger, the barrel, and the handle of the gun are painted black. The buttstock is red with the back of it blue, and on the red part of the buttstock there’s a monster face in a circular pattern. The hand guard as the buttstock is painted red.

The M4A4 Bullet Rain was added to the game on the 10th of July 2014 and is available in both regular and stattrak version. This is a very old skin and sees it’s price rise over time as more players leave the game with this item still in their Steam inventory.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price

6. M4A1-S | Chantico’s Fire (The Chroma 3 Collection)

The M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire gets his name from Chantico, the goddess of fire from the Aztec mythology. The entire body of the rifle is adorned with a traditional Aztec design made of various shades of light yellow and red. The edges of the buttstock and the body of the rifle are surrounded by a yellow stroke. The buttstock of the rifle has a graphic design of the word “Chantico” made in the form of a smiley. It is a very bright skin with the red and yellow blocks used in the skin. The M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire was added to the game on the 27th of April 2016.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price

5. Gut Knife | Autotronic

The Gut Knife Autotronic is an amazing looking skin for the price. It is has a black and gray handle with the gray area being the grip. Th rest of the handle is a red metal. The blade is silver with three holes cut out with mesh.

The skins was released in the Gamma case on the 16th of June 2016 which was the only case this skin was available in until the release of the Gamma 2 case. At this point in time these are the only two cases that you can get the Gut Knife Autotronic. This skin is available in both regular and stattrak version.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price (Minimal Wear)

4. AWP | Wildfire (The CS20 Collection)

Being one of the newest skins o this list the AWP wildfire is characterized for the graphic design of a fiery dragon made in a yellow and orange color scheme that goes along almost all the gun body. The body of the rifle is painted with a black and red gradient. The scope and the barrel are painted with a solid black color and complemented with small lines and details in red color. The buttstock is painted with solid black, has a gradient of red and two solid red dots.

The AWP Wildfire was added to the game on the 18th of October 2019 and is another skin with covert rarity. It was released with a graphical update to the extremely popular map Cache.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price

3. AK-47 | Bloodsport (The Spectrum Collection)

The body of the AK-47 Bloodsport is a combination of red, gray, and white. The weapon does have small details on yellow. The multi-color design is complemented by different images and icons through all the rifle, like a geometrical design in the buttstock. The weapon has many inscriptions that refer to the technical characteristics of the gun like a Japanese inscription in the upper part of the gun body or the word VOLTAIC in white color throughout the charger.

The AK-47 Bloodsport was added to the game on the 15th of March 2017. There is no battle-scarred version of this covert skin on either of the regular or stattrak version.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price

2. M4A4 | Howl (The Huntsman Collection)

The design of this weapon is made on a color scheme between red and black. In the center of the weapon you can find a graphic design that shows a wolf head with his mouth wide open; and that is why the weapon name is M4A4 Howl. The entire wolf is painted with a gradient of orange and white and the rest of the weapon is adorned with a red flaming pattern on a black background.

The M4A4 Howl was added to the game on the 1st of May 2014. The Howl is an expensive skin is currently the only weapon with a rarity of contraband in Counter-Strike 2. The original design was stolen and placed onto the Steam workshop in an attempt to get it placed into the game. It was accepted and once the original creator got in touch with Valve they changed the skin giving the wolf a more rounded look and adding more red into the background instead of leaving it a dark black. The weapon can only be obtained now by trading a player who already owns the skin as it was removed from its original case in June 2013.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price (Field-Tested)

1. SG 553 | Integrale (The 2018 Inferno Collection)

The design of this rifle was inspired by the classic Italian racing cars. The body of the rifle is adorned with a pattern of wavy lines made of different shades of blues with a white background. The handguard, the bottom of the charger, the back of the buttstock, and the bottom of the handle are painted red. Finally, the design of the rifle is complemented by numerous fake brand names like marchelly, parts shop, Brendo, 553, 25.

The SG 553 Integrale was added to the game on the 31st of August 31 2018 and unlike most skins, it is only part of a collection and not a case. A souvenir version was added as well with the FACEIT 2018 Major competition.

Steam Market PriceSkinport Price (Minimal Wear)


There are many different beautiful red skin in Counter-Strike 2 but we have taken a good look at all of them and condensed it down to the top 12 red skins. As stated at the beginning, the prices on red skins are higher than other skins with a different color. If you want to take the risk you can try and take you chance to getting them cheaper on a legitimate CS2 gambling website, I would personally recommend CSGOEmpire on that list. If you are looking for another top list why not look at the top black skins in CS2.

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