Get out of Silver Rank in CS2 – Course

Start your learning right away with access to 000 videos for CS2

Hours of content to watch that allow you to acquire new skills and see where you are going wrong.

In-depth Activities to Practice what is taught, quizzes and more

You’ll know what is taught as you’re given activities to complete and tests to help you memorize.

Community of Others Ready to Help and Play on Discord

Questions are answered, find others players and get encouragement to rank higher with the community.

Course is updated along with game updates

As new game patches come out content in this course is updated to make sure you have the latest and correct information.

10/2020: Course is currently being worked on. Parts are being added daily, Get 20% off right now! (RRP: $24.99)!

Why should you suffer by having to play with the trolls and hackers when you can EXPEDITE the time for EACH RANK!


Video Lesson Hours

* Numbers to be updated in near future





For Beginner Players

Lessons are taught as if you had no knowledge, unlike other tutorials you will be guided step-by-step on how to do things you may never have done before.

The videos and activities will guide you on how to set up your own practice server, using console commands and getting maps off the Steam Workshop.

As you progress through the course, you will get valuable information thrown at you on each game mechanic placing you well beyond other new players. Pushing your elo way beyond theirs.

For Intermediate Players

For those above silver or have tried and failed to get out of silver there is still a ton of valuable information in here, many topics you may just not know about.

Videos have in-depth details on the mechanics of the game, giving you further insight into aim, grenades and movement just to name the basics.

I can understand your frustration if you have been placed in the silver rank bracket, leaving you to deal with hackers on new accounts and trolls who ruin the game for everyone else.

~ It is time to get yourself out of elo hell ~