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Shattered Web Missions – Week 3 Guide

This is now week 3 of the Shattered Web missions. Unlike last week, there no focus on a weapon this week, but just hostage maps. The map Office is popular again! It hasn’t seen an influx of this many people since it was popular in Counter-Strike Source.

Once again the maximum stars you are able to get this week is six. Even though if you complete all the missions, the total stars amount to ten. If you haven’t purchased any stars and have received the maximum stars each week, you’ll receive the following items this week while getting your next six stars:

  1. 1x Shattered Web Sticker Collection (At 22 Stars)
  2. 1x The St. Marc Collection Weapon Skin (At 24 Stars)

Week 3 Shattered Web Mission List

Punching inGet 10 kills in Flying Scoutsman.1
File It AwaySpend 5,000 cash in a single Danger Zone match.1
Clerical ErrorGet 30 Kills in Guardian: Office.2
Hostile TakeoverGet 10 round wins in Competitive: Office.2
All in a Day’s WorkGet 16 round wins in Wingman: Vertigo.3
Punching outGet 5 hostage rescues, or kill 5 hostage rescuers in Casual: Hostage Group.3

Guide for Each Week 3 Mission

Punching in

It took the CS2 Developers three weeks to use their new map “Lunar” in the missions, but you can even complete this mission without playing it. You need to get ten kills on the mode Scoutsman, with each game continuing to add the the score. This means you don’t need to worry about how good the enemy is, or how bad your aim is as you can slowly rack up kills and still complete this.

File It Away

Spending $5,000 isn’t as easy as some people think. For this, you’ll need to have some skill for as you’re required to do this all in a single round of Danger Zone.

Money can be gathered by:

  • Killing players and picking it off their body (Highly Recommended)
  • Randomly spawned duffle bags (Highly Recommended)
  • Random Cash laying around
  • Rescue Hostages
  • Take out a VIP target

To spend the money you need to open your tablet and select the items you wish the purchase. If you know what you are doing you may have a strategy already on your buy order. I recommend if you are new to purchase the following while you learn when you should purchase certain items:

Armor -> Ammo -> Primary Weapon -> Ammo

Clerical Error

The game mode Guardian is back this week but this time it’s on the map Office. You and a friend will need to be in the same lobby to be able to play this game mode. Both players are spawned at T spawn, where you’ll need to kill waves of Counter-Terrorists and reach 30 kills before they kill you.

Players can get medic syringes to heal between the waves. Not all enemies are the same though as occasionally ones with heavy armor will attempt to make their way in. It’s a good idea to have you and your friend use different weapons. One using a sub-machine gun, like a UMP-45 while the other uses the AK-47.

Hostile Takeover

This is an easy way to get two stars. Office is T sided, so you’ll see many games at half time with ten rounds won on the terrorist side. While the counter-terrorist only has five. What really matters is who is best playing as Counter-Terrorist as that can through the match heavily one-sided.

All in a Day’s Work

Vertigo has had many updates over the last two years and now Valve wants people to play it. This mission requires you to win an entire game (16 rounds) to receive 3 stars. It may be easy for those who have been playing it through all the updates as new players will be joining just to complete this mission.

If you haven’t played Vertigo recently you should get a lobby together with players who have that are able to teach you or have you follow their lead to victory.

Punching out

In a casual hostage match, you need to kill five hostage rescuers or rescue 5 hostages. This may seem simple at face value however when there are ten people on your team are trying to do the same thing it can take a long time to complete.

The strategy to this if you’re playing as a counter-terrorists, is that you can either try to grab the hostage first and make a run for it or wait for them to die and take them the rest of the way. You are still able to rescue a hostage for a few seconds after a round has ended, so use the time when you can.

If you play as a terrorist, hide somewhere while the hostage is taken. Then come out and shoot them as they try to take the hostage into the rescue zone. If someone else has killed the hostage rescuer, just wait around a corner that the next hostage rescuer will need to use and kill them then.

Shattered Web Week 3 Missions
Shattered Web – Week 3 Missions

This is it for this week’s missions. If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve got a list of the Top 12 Operation Shattered Web Skins for you to check out. It shows you the very best skins that came out this operation as a total of four collections have been added to the game.

Lastly, if you’re looking for some of those new CS2 shattered web skins for free, check out Win CS2. Where you’re able to play games and fill out surveys to earn credits. These can then be directly exchanged for CS2 skins that are sent to your Steam Inventory.

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