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Virus Outbreak – Secret Coins and Hard Mode Guide

Week one of the Shattered Web operation has given us various missions to complete which reward us with in-game items after we complete a certain amount of missions. One of those missions in Week 1 was “Virus Outbreak”, where the goal is to recover a sample of the Danger Zone virus from the Phoenix laboratory.

Once you complete the mission you and a teammate are rewarded with a score that compares you and your friends against each other. You can score more points in this game mode by:

  • Finishing with no deaths
  • High bullet accuracy
  • Completing the game on hard mode

The mission is fun and if you’ve tried it before, you may have noticed three hidden coins scattered around the map. For some extra points, you can unlock a secret hard mode at the beginning of the map by flicking the switch shown down the bottom.

Guide to Collection all 3 Coins

The first coin is in the underground jail with the prisoners. Once you have killed all of the enemies in the area, you will see that all the doors open except for one. Open that last door by using your action button and follow the path through the hole that was dug out by a prisoner. Inside you will find the very first coin spinning around on the spot.

The second coin can once you leave the underground via the ladder. You will come up to an outpost as you head further into the map. When you see the outpost up close, go next to the wall before heading up the hill. Turn right to the cliffs. You will need to jump over them and walk along the ledge of the hill. You will then need to jump onto the platform it is on.

Finally, the last coin can be found in the town’s harbor near the end of the map. You will see it floating at the end of the terrace with the white house at the back.

How to activate Hard Mode

After activating the hard mode, bots have higher health and better accuracy. Players have reported that activating this made has made it extremely difficult to complete. Here is a video on how to activate hard mode on Virus Outbreak in Counter-Strike 2:

Video on how to activate Hard Mode – Virus Outbreak

At the very start of the game, you will appear in a bunker with water behind you. In front of you to the left, you’ll see some boxes that can to jump onto. Jump up them stopping on the cables, then jump around the pipes leading to the roof making sure you land on the horizontal pipes. Head along the exposed pipes into the hole in the wall where some candles have been lit. At the end of the hole, you’ll be able to flick a switch to turn on the hard mode.


So that is how easy it is to collect all three of the hidden coins on the mission and turn on the hard mode in Virus Outbreak in Operation Shattered Web.

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