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Top 12 Operation Shattered Web Skins in CS2

One week ago marks the release of the largest operation that Counter-Strikes: 2 has seen, Shattered Web comes with a huge amount of content which includes a new case and three new collections. You can find all the information about you need to know with a post we made about Shattered Web.

If you purchase the Shattered Web operation you get a new case or skin nine times every hundred ‘stars’ you get. Stars are the currency they use to level up and unlock new content that comes with the operation, similar to Battle Passes in other games.

12. AK-47 | Baroque Purple (The Canals Collection)

AK-47 | Baroque Purple

A very nice simple hydrographic pattern as been added across the entire AK-47. Leaving just the magazine and barrel as a dark black malt. It comes from the Canals Collection, so you won’t see it any case openings but is a very nice skin to come in twelfth on out of all the weapon skins released with Shattered Web.

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11. PP-Bizon | Seabird (The St. Marc Collection)

PP-Bizon | Seabird

The Seabird weapon skin would look perfect on the sea side whenever it pops into the competitive or scrimmage map pools. The magazine and handle are both light blue with the pull-out stock a sand storm tan color. It can be found in the St. Marc Collection.

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10. XM1014 | Banana Leaf (The St. Marc Collection)

XM1014 | Banana Leaf

A green and yellow XM1014. The pattern across it is banana leaves overlaying each on a flat surface. Just like the last one, this is also from the St. Marc Collection.

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9. Five-SeveN | Crimson Blossom (The St. Marc Collection)

Five-SeveN | Crimson Blossom

A dark red wine grip and body on a Five-SeveN. The top half and front of the weapon has roses with the same with a grey background. It is a real shame that the background on this weapon must be grey as it could have looked amazing with any other color. This is the last of the St. Marc Collection on this list.

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8. AWP | The Prince (The Canals Collection)

AWP | The Prince

The Prince is one of the items many people would debate should be higher on this list. It was very hard to place it eighth but there are some very nice weapons skins in this update. It has a red and gold theme and would sit well along with other skins such as “AK | The Empress”. The statement  “PAX TIBI MARCE EVANGELISTA MEUS” is engraved in the gold across the side which very roughly translates to “Peace to you, Mark” in English.

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7. MAC-10 | Stalker (Shattered Web Case)

MAC-10 | Stalker

A neon blue wild cat is waited on the top back corner of this MAC-10. The rest of the weapon has blue, black and yellow pattern of claw cuts and dots. The wrist strap on the front is also yellow to match the rest of the weapon. This is the first weapon on the list to come from the Shattered Web Case and is of Covert rarity.

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6. M4A1-S | Moss Quartz (The Canals Collection)

M4A1-S | Moss Quartz

Not every weapon needs to be bright, flashy and out there. The Moss Quartz weapon skin for the M4A1-S gives that army personal feel. It is named after a gemstone and features a dark green paint with a crystallising mask for the pattern.

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5. P2000 | Obsidian (Shattered Web Case)

P2000 | Obsidian

Another weapon from the Shattered Web Collection is the P2000’s Obsidian. Its description claims it was painted to look like it had just been submerged in lava, and as it’s cooling down it changes to obsidian. Some say it looks like a grey tree stump being burnt from the inside.

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4. Dual Berettas | Emerald (The Canals Collection)

Dual Berettas | Emerald

Another skin named after a gem, The Emerald Dual Berettas (Dualies) have an extremely clean skin of blue mixed into the color. This weapon skin will definitely outshine its red counterpart, the Hemoglobin.

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3. AWP | Containment Breach (Shattered Web Case)

AWP | Containment Breach

Beasts, mythical creatures, and amazing artwork are common on AWPs in Counter-Strike 2. The containment Breach makes no exception to this with a painting of rats being mutated in a contaminated and radioactive forest layered in a green mist.

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2. SG 553 | Conoly IV (Shattered Web Case)

SG 553 | Conoly IV

After three colonies failed, Colony 4 has succeeded with mutated red skeleton ants climbing over old and broken gas masks. With the background and tip of the barrel an orange and yellow mixed together. Lastly, the number 4 can be seen on the side of the scope.

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1. AK-47 | Wild Lotus (The St. Marc Collection)

AK-47 | Wild Lotus

The Wild Lotus is by far the most popular skin from the Shattered Web update. It has the Covert rarity and comes in the St. Marc Collection, which is dropped in the game or received when you collect enough stars in the Operation Shattered Web Battle Pass.

The skin has a painted oriental orange and purple flowers with an aqua background. Some of the flowers have not bloomed yet and some green and brown leaves are coming out. This is by far the weapon skin that most people after and it’s not hard to see why.

Being of Covert rarity in the St. Marc Collection, the factory new version currently sells for over US$1,000 on the Steam marketplace. It will be interesting to see what the price lands at as it has shot up from $US450 when it was first released.

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So these are the top 12 skins with the release of the operation Shattered Web. With many of the skins being hard to get after the operation ends so prices may increase as the skins that are not in a weapon case. If you want to check the price of any of the skins that are listed we’ve added the three most popular websites with a search to the exact item.

Do you like another skin that was released in this update? Write a comment below and let everyone know why.

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