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Shattered Web Missions – Week 2 Guide

It was a bit of shock to only see eight missions available for the second week of operation Shattered Web. Players can only get a maximum of six stars in Counter-Strike 2. Last week we had the option of doing ten missions and could collect a total of ten stars.

This week’s mission is focused on the map Nuke and weapon MP5-SD. It is a speculation that Valve wants people to start playing the map Nuke more in competitive matches as it’s been constantly changed over the last two years. The MP5-SD was the last released in December last year but is rarely used as it’s extremely unpowered compared to all other sub-machine guns in the game.

Spray and Pray Apply 5 graffiti in enemy territory in Casual: Nuke. 1
Follow the Leader Get 4 arms race leader kills in Arms Race. 1
In and out Without a Sound Get 15 MP5-SD kills in Guardian: Nuke. 2
What does the Dosimeter Say? Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Nuke. 2
Did You hear Something? Get 4 pistol round wins in Wingman: Nuke. 3
Silent but Deadly Get 30 MP5-SD kills in a single Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta. 3

If you haven’t bought any stars, this week you will unlock once you get the maximum of 6 stars this week:

  • 1 x Graffiti from Collection #2
  • 1 x Shattered Web Case
  • 1 x The Canals Collection Skin

Guide for Each Mission for Week 2

Spray and Pray

If it’s like anything last week most people will be doing and not trying to kill each other. It can be completed in one game after 2 – 3 rounds. A hint that no-one seemed to know is that if you run away and kill someone the 45-second cooldown timer is reset so you can do multiple sprays in a single round.

If you do this mission don’t expect it to take very long unless the enemy team has decided to camp their spawn. It’s understandable why the star amount has been reduced to one, instead of two like last week. The best option is to play as a Counter-Terrorist as their spawn is a lot more open while the Terrorists spawn is closed off. Making it easier to get into and not be killed.

Follow the Leader

Arms race is a mode based on the mod Gun Game with smaller maps compared to the competitive map pool. You respawn with a new game that is less powerful than the previous weapon making it an action-packed fun game mode. Friendly fire is on in this game mode so you can’t kill your own players if they’re in the lead on the leader board, but you can still kill the enemy and as they get higher your weapons will be better then theirs making it easier to kill them.

Watch where that player has gone the last few rounds as many players tend to repeat going to the same location each round if their winning in Arms race.

In and out Without a Second

The MP5-SD is one of the least powerful weapons in the game. Shooting USP-S bullets it barely scratches enemy players unless they are close and can’t aim.

What does the Dosimeter Say?

A dosimeter is a tool used to measure an absorbed dose of ionizing radiation, that can found on the map Nuke. There is no real guide except for the normal strategies you would do when playing competitive Nuke.

Common strategies include:

  • Rush outside and go through secret or hell.
  • Rush vents on A site and plant the bomb on B at the bottom of the vents.
  • Rush A site.
  • Rush ramp and plant the bomb on B site.

Did You hear Something?

Wingman games are quick with each game having a total of two pistol rounds. Because you need four to complete this mission you will need to play at least two wingman games on Nuke. Players fight over bomb site B so it is recommended Counter-Terrorists start with their default weapon, the USP-S. This is because it can kill an enemy without head armor which the terrorists cannot buy on the first round with a single bullet. The USP-S has massive accuracy and should be taken advantage of by using it at long distance. Terrorist should counter this by getting a close-ranged pistol such as the P250 or keep their default weapon which is a Glock and buy body armor. The body armor helps massively against the USP-S if they don’t hit your head, so stay close to them.

Silent but Deadly

This will be the hardest mission to complete but is still very doable if you join the match at the very beginning. Use your MP5-SD to get thirty kills in a deathmatch game in the Defusal Group Delta pool to receive 3 stars, half of the maximum amount you are allowed this week.

Operation Shattere Web - Week 2 Missions

That’s it for this week’s missions for operation Shattered Web, some very easy missions in there. It looks like they want people to start using the MP5-SD more and check out the latest release of Nuke. If you’re interested to see the Top 12 Skins Released with Shattered Web, we have just made the perfect list for you to check out. Next week we’ll hopefully have a better variety of missions to show you.

Update: The week 3 missions have now been released! Make sure to click the link to check out the week 3 mission guide.

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