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Shattered Web Missions – Week 4 Guide

It’s that time again, six new missions have just been released under the title of “Snipers’s Den”. As you can guess from the name it’s going to focus heavily on sniper rifles this week so be prepared to pull out your AWP, Scout, and Auto-Snipers.

Scope It OutGet 10 kills with the AWP in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma.1
Take an Off-AngleGet 5 kills while you are airborne in Flying Scoutsman.1
Heaven Help UsGet 10 round wins in Competitive: Train.2
Tower DefenseGet 20 SSG 08 or MAG-7 kills in Guardian: Cobblestone.2
Through the Looking GlassGet 20 SSG 08 kills in a single Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta match.3
Scouting Mission Get 5 SSG 08 Kills in Danger Zone. 3

If you have not purchased any stars yet you will unlock one of the following distinguished agents this week:

  • B Squadron Officer | SAS
  • Soldier | Phoenix
  • Enforcer | Phoenix
  • Ground Rebel | Elite Crew
  • Operator | FBI Swat
  • 3rd Commando Company | KSK
  • Seal Team 6 Soldier | NSWC Seal

Guide to each Mission for Week 3

Scope It Out – 1 Star

This is the easiest mission to complete this week is by far is Scope It Out. You will need to get 10 kills with an AWP in the casual defuse map pool. An AWP kills a player with one hit if you hit their torso or head.

Take an Off-Angle – 1 Star

This one is a little bit harder than “Scope It Out” but not by much. The game mode Scoutsman has low gravity with players only able to use a scout (SSG 08) and a knife. Since it has low gravity you are able to spend a lot of time in the air when you jump giving you a large amount of time to get a kill, however you become an easy target.

If you are having trouble with this mission, I would recommend that you try and join a game when most people are asleep. The bots are extremely easy to kill while you are in the middle of a jump.

Heaven Help Us – 2 Stars

There is no easy way to complete this mission if you’ve never done well playing the competitive map Train. If you have friends who are good, I would highly recommend that you invite them or look up some train strategies on YouTube.

YouTube video of Train Strategies in CS2

Tower Defense – 2 Stars

Just like the previous weeks, you’ll need a friend to complete a Guardian mission. They don’t need to have the pass but will just need to stay with you while you complete the objective together. This week’s guardian mission has you and a friend playing on Cobblestone getting both MAG-7 and Scout (SSG 08) kills. Whoever is better at close range should have a MAG-7 and prevent any enemies reaching the person with a scout.

If you are struggling, the enemies will get easier over time the more you lose so don’t give up too early just because you keep dying.

Through the Looking Glass – 3 Stars

Getting 10 SSG 08 kills on a casual is harder than a lot of people think and that’s why if you complete this mission you will receive 3 stars.

You will want to aim for the head of enemies unless you see them already hit in the body. A lot of other people will be attempting to complete this mission at the same time which should make it easier for those who rarely use the SSG 08.

A good idea would be to keep your distance from players that are able to rush around corners and use that advantage to take shots at them from a distance. It is much easier to get kills when you are not under any pressure to being killed by a shotgun or SMG.

Scouting Mission – 3 Stars

The last mission is by far the hardest and will take time to complete. The SSG 08 is extremely hard to get in the Danger Zone game mode. As most people can’t afford it until near the very end of the game. At that point, the map has shrunk and closed everyone into a smaller area.

It is possible to complete but may take a long time and you will have many rounds without a single SSG 08 kills. If you’re dedicated to completing this mission, try to team up with a friend who is also interested in either helping you by letting you respawn and pick the scout back up or who wants to do it with you.

Other Updates

With the latest update, you will also notice that a lot of maps now have a snowball pile on the ground. Using your action button on these piles will allow you to pick up and hold up to 3 snowballs. They can be thrown at friends and enemies and act similar to a flash grenade. Blocking the screen for the player, though not as effective.

Chickens also have their festive winter sweaters on and if you carry the bomb it is now wrapped in gift wrapping.

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