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Glossary for words used by CS2 Players

Here we have compiled a full list of words you would hear Counter-Strike 2. New players may not understand what others are saying and it may be vital information on how to win the match. Most people pick up on the common terminology over time but there is no rule saying that you can learn it early on.

Over time you may even forget what some of them mean or have never heard of it before, you can always refer back to this page to look up what the word someone said means.

1gKilling yourself by accident with your very own molotov at the end of a match making your team lose. Just as Summit1g did it in a professional match at DreamHack 2016.
ADSAiming Down Sight, looking down the scope of your weapon.
AimbotA hack that aims at an enemy player for you.
AimpunchThe aim movement on a character when they are hit with a bullet when they have no armor.
Auto ShottyNickname for the automatic XM 1014 Shotgun.
Auto SniperNickname for both the G3SG1 and Scar-20.
BaitUsing you or someone else to get the attention of an enemy player, OR making players come to you on purpose while using your location to your advantage.
BoostLetting a player stand on your head, usually to give them a better angle higher up.
BoostingCarrying a player or team so they rank up in competitive matches.
BuffedWhen something has been made better by a game update making it better if you take advantage of it.
Burst FireShooting bullets in lots of around 3 bullets each time.
CarryingBeing the most valued player on the mean by making them win without their help.
ChokingFailing under pressure.
ClutchWhen a person is the last player left on their team and he wins the round. Usually with multiple enemies still alive.
CollateralKilling two or more players with a single shot or bullet.
DeagleA Desert Eagle.
DinkedA bullet hit to the head.
DualiesNickname for the Dual Berettas.
EcoSaving money by making little to no purchases to boost the team’s economy for future rounds.
Entry FragWhen a team is attempting to take over a location and gets the first kill.
FlashbangAnother name for a flash grenade.
Force BuyA team strategy to purchase weapons even if one or more players are poor.
Jump ThrowAn action of jumping and throwing a grenade.
LagA delay. Usually in reference to the server not receiving communication to and from your computer via the internet.
LitTaken heavy damage, usually leaving a player under 10 health.
MollyA nickname for the Molotov and Incendiary Grenade.
Nade StackMultiple players through HE grenades at a single spot to kill any enemies in that area.
NerfedWhen something has been made worse due to an update that gives a disadvantage if you use it.
No-scopeShooting a weapon with a scope without looking into it.
NoobNew player.
One DeagKilling a player with one hit to the head with a Desert Eagle.
One-ShotA kill on the enemy with one bullet to the head.
PickComing out from an angle and killing one enemy player.
PeekComing out of an angle to see another area of the map. Usually to check for enemy coming.
Pop FlashA flash grenade that explodes before the enemy has a chance to look away.
Pre-aimHaving your crosshair at a location enemy players be. Usually on the corner that an enemy player will peek.
Pre-fireShotting at a spot as soon as you turn a corner or through smoke without knowing if an enemy player will be there.
ProShort term for Professional.
QuickscopeScoping in and shooting instantly without using your scope to aim.
RetakeTaking a position after it’s been lost to the enemy team.
RotateMoving from one object to another on a map.
SaveAn attempt to hide and save the weapon by not dying to enemy players when a player believes they will die in an engagement.
ScoutThe SSG 08 Sniper Rifle.
ScrimA practice competitive match between two teams.
Shoulder PeekSimilar to strafing, but exposing your shoulder quickly around a corner to make the enemy shoot at you and miss.
SmurfA person using a secondary account that has a lower competitive rank for easier games.
SpammingShooting non-stop, very inaccurate.
SpinbotA cheat used commonly in Counter-Strike Source that spins the player around consistently making it hard for them to be hit.
Split PushAttempting to take a location on the map from multiple angles with your team.
StackHaving the majority of players on a team at the same location on the map.
StraffingMoving left and right consistantly making it harder for enemy players to hit you.
SwingMoving further out when you move to see another part of the map. Used to throw off people who pre-aim corner.
TaggedWhen a player or enemy has taken a small amount of damage.
TogglingTurning on hacks.
TriggerbotA cheat that shoots your weapon as soon as an enemy player is in your crosshair.
UtilityItems that are not primary or secondary weapons such as grenades and the zeus.
WallbangHitting someone with a bullet through a wall.

You may also come across these abbreviations while playing. Someone may say them using their microphone or type it in the chat box. They are usually said at the beginning, middle or end of a match unless someone gets a good kill.

Abbreviation Meaning
AFKAway from keyboard
BLBad luck
DEFDefend or defuse kit
GGGood game
GHGood half
GJGood job
GLGood luck
HFHave fun
HPHealth points
KDKill death ratio
KDAKill death assist ratio
MVPMost valued player
N1Nice one
NANorth America
NSNice shot
PUGPick up game
TKTeam kill
VACValve anti-cheat
WPWell played

That’s all the information you need and you’re more than welcome to come back and review it, especially if something is said in your game that you don’t understand.

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