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How to kill your own team in Casual CS2

Now is the time you have been waiting for, you can finally kill your very own teammates in Counter-Strike 2. Be prepared to get back at anyone who spams the microphone, flashes at spawn or sits AFK every round.

I found out about this when somebody killed me in spawn. I had no idea what happened at first but I quickly worked it out and have replicated it for you to use yourself.

Video Guide on how to kill your team in CS2

When you are in a casual CS2 match you will need to purchase a molotov or incendiary grenade which depend on which team you are on. The molotov is only available for the terrorist team while the incendiary grenade is only available on the counter-terrorist.

Once the round starts and you know which target you plan on damaging, throw the molotov or incendiary grenade at that players feet.

Instantly chance to the opposite team, that player (or players) will take damage as long as they stand in the fire. This has the ability to kill them giving you the kill. However since you suicide to change teams you will lose a kill, meaning you need to kill two or more to get a positive kill/death ratio.

How to setup bots to test this out

First thing you need to test this out against bots is to enable the developer console so you can input the commands we need to set this up.

Start a match with no bots, once loaded into a map open the developer console using the (`) key on your keyboard.

Enter the following commands one after the other or just copy and paste all of it them into the developer console and hit enter:

sv_cheats 1;
mp_roundtime_defuse 60;
mp_buytime 60;
mp_free_armor 1;
mp_friendlyfire 0;
mp_autokick 0;
mp_autoteambalance 0;
mp_limitteams 10;
bot_stop 1;
Video Guide: How to Setup Bots to Test Team Damage in Casual


Go out and enjoy your new power now that you have the ability to kill your team. Have you been interested in getting some more CS2 Skins to show off to your team instead of killing them? Check out all of the Working CS2 Gambling Website, a lot give you free balance just for joining.

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