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Top 5 CS2 Discord Servers

If you looking for people to play with, trade or more then Discord servers are a great way to go. Discord is a chat program that allows you to use voice chat, talk about similar topics by text and upload pictures.

Discord is similar to older programs that were once popular and used to chat between players. These applications include Skype, Teamspeak and Ventrilo. You are able to download the Discord application or use it on the web through a browser with no download required.

A Discord server used commonly in Gaming

1. Counter-Strike 2

This new server is heavily moderated so you don’t see people spamming links or annoying everyone else. Find games with other people, shares memes, and talk strategy to help you or others learn more about CS2.

Discord Link:

2. /r/GlobalOffensive

The sub-reddit GlobalOffensive have their own Discord server which has a large player base compared to the other discords with 150,000 users. The layout of the rooms are neat and the voice chat has smaller rooms for those in a smaller party in CS2.

Discord Link:

3. Official CS2 Discord (Not really the official Discord)

Though the name has official in it, I want people to know that this is NOT the official Discord server for Counter-Strike 2. The discord is even sponsored by a gambling website. The discord constantly links to giveaway but has a good amount of players that you may be able to find someone to play with.

Discord Link:

4. CS2

With 1,000 members the CS2 Discord server is another popular server with tons of text channels for you to chat in.

Discord Link:

5. Learn CS2

If you are new or want to know how to get better the people at Learn CS2 could help you. Remember though that everyone’s advice is their own person advice and some of it may be wrong for you but right for them.

Discord Link:

That’s it

That is the top 5 Discord Servers for CS2, I look forward to seeing you on some of them. If you are interested in trading though there are some better options out there. Check out our list of CS2 Trading Websites that currently work so you don’t lose your skins.

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  • You forgot There are always a lot of people playing in the voice chats and there are regular events, giveaways, and tournaments.


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