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Shattered Web Missions – Week 16 Guide

Time to Take Out the Trash is the name of this weeks mission list. This is the very last week of new Operation Shattered Web, the operation is removed on _ at which point you are unable to complete any additional missions, upgrade your pin or get further rewards.

If you have got the maximum amount of stars for all of the previous weeks you will unlock a Master Agent when you reach 100 Stars. Additionally if you’ve completed all the missions you will receive the highest level pin available for operation Shattered Web.

Preview of the Week 16 Shattered Web reward

The names and team of the master agents are:

  • Rezan the Ready | Sabre (Terrorist)
  • ‘The Doctor’ Romanov | Sabre (Terrorist)
  • Special Agent Ava | FBI (Counter-Terrorists)
  • LT. Commander Ricksaw | NSWC Seal (Counter-Terrorists)

If you have purchased additional stars previously or plan to purchase extra before the operation ends you will restart the reward map at the very beginning after you reach the maximum amount of 100 stars the first time.

Mission List

Frugal and FunctionalMassacre 20 chickens in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta.1 Star
Oil Spill Blow up 10 Explosive Barrels in Danger Zone.1 Star
Reduce, Reuse, RecycleGet 10 round wins in Competitive: Agency.2 Stars
Shatter ExpectationsBreak 200 panels of glass in Casual: Hostage Group.2 Stars
Great Location, Some ExplosionsGet 16 round wins in Wingman: Lake.3 Stars
Quarantined, Isolated, EliminatedDestroy the Phoenix production facility and eliminate Franz Kriegeld.3 Stars
Image of Mission List inside of CS2

Week 16 Missions Guide

Frugal and Functional

Chickens are littered around multiple positions on defusal maps, they die after being hit once with any weapon once and pop with only an explosion of feathers left behind. Get twenty of these chickens popped to receive the reward of one star.

If you are playing on the map Inferno, the terrorists and counter-terrorists spawn is a good spot for the chickens to spawn. If you can’t find chickens run around the outside of the map as they spawn as soon as another one is killed.

Oil Spill

If you have trouble taking out enemy players this missions was made for you. Get 1 star by blowing up 10 barrels in the game mode Danger Zone.

Spawning near a team member will help you, making you need to worry less about enemies spawning around you while you take out the barrels. Weapons can be found in crates all around the map, meaning this mission will not take very long to complete.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Agency is a tight close combat map with a lot of corners that players can hide behind, and is this weeks mission which requires you to get ten competitive wins for two stars.

If you are having trouble make sure you queue up with a lobby of friends as they are more likely to play serious and try to win. Ultimately the terrorist team has an advantage on this map as they are able to hold the choke points that the counter-terrorists need to gain access through to reach the hostages, so keep this in mind when playing.

Shatter Expectations

The last two star mission for this operation has you breaking 200 windows in the casual defusal group. As the maps are random your only option is to run around at the start and shoot as many windows as you can.

The fastest way to complete this missions to be on the terrorists team and every round shatter the windows in spawn, then head down side hall breaking all of those windows as well. If you live long enough head to the front office and you will find around another nine windows that can break.

Great Location, Some Explosions

Get three stars by winning sixteen rounds on Wingman with the map Lake. The objective is focused around a lake house in the middle of the map, with a large around around it that players spawn on either side of.

Wingman requires two players to play so playing with a friend can improve your chances of winning, especially if they are good at one vs one situations.

Quarantined, Isolated, Eliminated

For the final mission of Operation Shattered Web and to receive three stars you will be heading on another co-op mission similar to Virus Outbreak which was seen in the first week.

To play this mission you need to play with a friend as there is no match making. Your friend doesn’t need to own the operation to play as long as you own it.


That is a guide to all of the missions for the final week of missions being released. Now that you have all of the Shattered Web rewards why not check out CSGOEmpire and see if you can get the skin you really want, every new person who registers gets a free case with a chance for a Dragon Lore!

Can you guess what the next operation is? Leave a comment below with what the operation will be and what you want to see in it.

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