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Shattered Web Missions – Week 15 Guide

Light Buy is the mission name of this weeks mission list and it has just been released to the public. Focusing on getting your next 6 stars by using light machine guns, cheap weapons that can be deadly at close range. As long as you are able to get

This week if you haven’t purchased any additional stars you will reach 95 stars this week, entitling you to receive the following rewards:

  • 1 x Shattered Web Case (91 Stars)
  • 1 x The Canals Collection Skin (94 Stars)
Shattered Web Rewards for Week 15

Mission List

Frugal and FunctionalGet 10 kills without spending over $2,000 in Casual: Defusal Group Delta.1 Star
Let’s Get This BreadHold $3,000 or more in Danger Zone.1 Star
Humble BeginningsGet 10 round wins in Competitive: Mirage.2 Stars
Installment PlanGet 25 kills in Guardian: Overpass.2 Stars
At Arm’s LengthGet 20 kills with an SMG in Arms Race.3 Stars
Started from the BottomGet 200 Kills with the UMP in Deathmatch: Dust 2.3 Stars

Week 15 Missions Guide

Frugal and Functional

The first mission this week rewards one star for getting ten kills on the casual game mode playing the defusal group delta map pool. The ten kills need to happen when you have spent no more than $2,000 which you can accidentally do easily. That is why I have created some powerful loadouts to help you complete this mission.

Suggested Loadouts:

  1. Galil AR – $1800 (Terrorist Weapon)
    Flash Grenade – $200
    Total: $2000
  2. Negev – $1700
    HE Grenade – $300
    Total: $2000
  3. XM1014 – $2000
    Total: $2000
  4. UMP-45 – $1200
    HE Grenade – $300
    Smoke – $300
    Flash Grenade – $200
    Total: $2000

In casual mode you start with body armor and a defuse kit if you are on the Counter-Terrorists team. Meaning you only have to worry about weapons for this mission.

Let’s Get This Bread

Now there is an easy Danger Zone missions to complete. Money is easy to get in Danger Zone as you can pick it up from money bags scattered around the map, off dead players, and by completing missions in Danger Zone. Getting a total of $3,000 or more will aware you with one star as a reward this week.

Humble Beginnings

As with previous weeks, Humble Beginnings requires you to get ten wins in a competitive game. This week you will need to get those ten wins on the map Mirage for the reward of two stars.

Each win stacks up and is not reset if you lose the game without getting the ten wins. Meaning you can play multiple games to complete this mission. Also if you are having trouble you could queue with friends who are good on the map Mirage.

Installment Plan

Get a total of 25 kills in the game mode guardian on the map Overpass. You need to do this with another player as you play this game mode by yourself. Your friend does not need to own the Shattered Web Operation to play this game mode with you.

At Arm’s Length

Arms race is based off the old mod gun game, where players change weapons every two kills they get. To get an easy three stars you will just need to get twenty kills in this game mode.

The kills stack over each game so you don’t need to do them all at once. If you don’t get knifed you will get a total of six SMG kills each game.

Watch though, if you get knifed and it isn’t for the final kill you will go back to your previous weapon.

Started from the Bottom

The UMP-45 was once an amazing weapon with good damage and accuracy however over time it seems to have been nerfed or every other SMG has been buffed leaving this one behind. So getting 200 kills will be extremely tough to get on the map Dust 2 as it is a close range weapon. Luckily it is deathmatch so there is no wait between deaths.

Getting the three stars for completing this mission will take some time.

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