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Shattered Web Missions – Week 14 Guide

“From Russia With Love” has released being the 14th week of Shattered Web Missions. It will see you playing on Danger Zone, Wingman, Competitive and Guardian game modes as you complete missions for rewards.

Week 14 Pop-up Message

If you have not purchased any additional stars your rewards this week by getting the maximum 6 stars this week is:

  • 1 x Trolling Graffiti Collection (85 Stars)
  • 1 x The St. Marc Collection (88 Stars)

Mission List Table

You Only Live TwiceGet 8 round wins in Wingman: Train.1 Star
Son of a Kalashnikov!Get 10 kills with the PP-Bizon in Casual: Defusal Group Delta.1 Star
Gain the Upper HandWin 5 or more rounds in a single half of a Competitive: Cache match.2 Stars
Space RaceStep on 3 Bumpmines in Danger Zone.2 Stars
War of AttritionGet 1 Desert Eagle kill in Demolition.3 Stars
Avtomat Kalashnikova, 1947Get 10 AK-47 kills in Guardian: Train.3 Stars

Mission Guides

You Only Live Twice

For 1 star you will need to get eight wins on Train in the game mode Wingman. Wingman requires only two players on each team so it is a goo idea to get someone to party with you who is as good or better than you. Wingman rounds end when a team reaches eight wins meaning you will need to win the game to complete this in one round, otherwise the wins stack up each game until you reach 8.

Son of a Kalashnikov!

The second option for one star is to get ten kills in the casual defusal group delta map pool. The gun you need to use is the PP-Bizon which has a massive magazine of sixty-four bullets but has very low damage. The defusal pool has maps where Counter-Terrorist need to defuse a bomb the terrorist plant.

This one is easy to complete as the kills stack up each game, so if you are unable to complete it in one game you can just add your kills on top of your previous ones.

Gain the Upper Hand

Competitive matches match players against each other with similar skills which will make Gain the Upper Hand a bit changing for those who do not play the map cache often. For two stars you need to get 5 wins in a competitive cache match within one half of a game. The first half of the game has fifteenth rounds before players swap to the opposite team, one players have swapped the second half is played for an additional fifteenth rounds or until a team reaches sixteen wins.

Play with a team you know are decent on Cache to help get the five rounds you need in the first half of the match. If you wait until the second half the opposite team may win the game before you get a chance to get the five wins.

Space Race

Get two stars by stepping on three bumpmines in Danger Zone. Danger Zone games always take some time and depending on where you live it you may not get a game for a long time. If you know you are able to get a game this can be a quick one to complete as you can purchase the bumpmines once you get some money. Money can be obtained off the dead bodies of other players, looted around the map and completing objectives.

War of Attrition

Gun List in a Demolition Game

By far the easiest three stars out of all of the missions so far. The game mode is Demolition and for those not familiar, each round you start with a weapon already selected for you. Each round you get a kill, your weapon changes and after the third kill you get a desert eagle which you need to get one kill with to complete the mission.

You should be able to complete this in one game, as you switch teams half way through. So make sure you don’t accidentally leave thinking the game is over, I saw in some leave in our match not long after the missions had been released.

Avtomat Kalashnikova, 1947

This is a co-op mission where you need a friend to help you complete it otherwise it in unplayable. Get three stars by getting ten AK-47 kills on Guardian: Train. The bots get easier over time and you only need to get ten kills so it will not take very long to get no matter what skill level you are at.


Another easy week so long as you have a friend to play with, you will be able to reach your limit of 6 stars within two game. The two rewards this week are not great but you might get a covert gun from the weapon skin drop if you are lucky.

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