List of every WORKING CS:GO Gambling Website 2019

This is a list of ever working CS:GO gambling website and what games you’ll find on their website. If you want to see which CS:GO gambling website we recommend than check it out, we show you which websites we use and think are the best from these.

List of CS:GO Gambling Websites

WebsitePromo CodeFree
DatDrop csspy 5% Extra Deposit Battle Opening
Case Opening
CS:GO Skins (Ethereum)
FarmSkins csspy Up to $50 DailyCase OpeningCS:GO Skins (Trade Link)
DaddySkinscsspy5% Extra DepositCase OpeningCS:GO Skins (Ethereum)
Hellcase11890942$0.30Case Opening
Case Battle
CS:GO Skins (Trade Link)
OMGDrop 391355 $0.50Case Opening CS:GO Skins (Litecoin)
CSGOatsyslyjesse1000 CoinsRoulette
Esports Betting
CS:GO Skins (Trade Link)
CSGOEmpire csspy Free CaseRoulette
Esports betting
CS:GO Skins (Trade Link) csspy $0.25Crash
CS:GO Skins (Trade Link)
CSGOLive.comcsspy$0.50Case Opening CS:GO Skins (Trade Link)

Originally when I first went out to write this I thought it’d be a walk in the park to get a list compiled. I however was very wrong, when valve originally removed gambling a lot of websites disappeared.

Many of the older websites that would have been on this list list either a few years ago now:

  • Are a completely rigged by the owner/new owner (Scam)
  • Do not work at all
  • Work fine but have no CS:GO withdrawal
  • Changed to VGO, IRL or Vitual IRL items instead of CS:GO

The website that work now allow you to withdraw your skins in one of two ways. The first way is by sending you a trade with your trade link containing the items. The second way which seems to slowly be gaining more popularity is to use Ethereum as the currency on the website in which you transfer to BitSkins once you’re done playing. With Ethereum you can then buy any weapon you please instead of the items shown on website you’re playing on.

If you have or know of a website that isn’t on this list then feel free to leave a comment below mentioning it. Alternatively if you own a similar website and want to advertise with us make sure you get in contact with us to discuss it further.


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