Hellcase Scam – How they stole 39 cents from me

If you’re dead set on using HellCase.com I highly recommend that you don’t use their trade-up feature to upgrade your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins. I’ll explain how I you cannot trust what their website tells you and that they won’t help you even if their in the wrong.

It’s already hard enough to get your CS:GO items out of Hellcase since they’re always out of stock on the items inside of the cases. If you want to get the CS:GO skin and not the case you need have to take an extra 30% gamble to change to another skin. It isn’t really worth it when websites such as FarmSkins give you the item, let you exchange if they have a similar prices one or let you know exactly how long it’ll take for you to get it.

My Hellcase Inventory

By no means am I saying the whole website is a scam, I’ve used their website and still do most for logging in for the free daily case. I’ve traded-up, withdrawn skins and withdrawn money. The problem has arisen when I was trying to use the trade-up section. In the following pictures you’ll see my end result on a 39 cents item I was trading up for a YouTube video.

Outcome of a Trade-Up to swap a CS:GO Skin

Now it isn’t pointed out in this image but it’ll be clear as day once you notice it. The wheel has been spun and has landed near the middle but closer to the winning side. Once it his this I was excited until a loss appeared on my screen.

Hellcase Scam – Trade-up

I was really annoyed but I figured they’d be able to see in the back end that I won. It really shouldn’t have been an issue, I mean it was only a 39 cent weapon skin. On the back end they would be able to see the result of the spin and award me my win. However it did not go as expected.

Hellcase Support Ticket

If you ignore the bad English you can see that the support just says that he can see that I lost in that game. Their not going to look into the issue or even refund the skin since their website stuffed up. It’s just gone, they’ve stolen it from me.

I would recommend if you do decide to use HellCase you stick to the cases and withdraw your wins into CS:GO items or back to G2APay or Cryptocurrency. Otherwise I’d use a way better website FarmSkins, which as of writing this I have opened around 210 cases without an issue so far.

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