Counter-Strike Guides – Reviewing this Weapon Case Gambling Site

If you’re looking for those better odds when opening a Counter-Strike 2 weapon case than there is 2 ways to go about it. Buy the skin you want outright or gamble for better odds on a weapon case opening website.

FarmSkins is one of these websites providing custom made CS2 skin cases that you can unlock just like inside the video game. They specialize in one part of the CS2 gambling scene and that’s the case opening section.

Weapon Case

There is a variety of cases that you can open the website that have multiple weapon skins inside of them. Some of the common cases you’ll see are:

  • Weapon specific Case (AK-47, AWP, M4A4, M4A1-S, Pistol)
  • Stattrak Case
  • Knives Case
  • Quality Only Cases (Covert, Classified, Restricted, Mil-Spec)
Random Covert Weapon Case being opened

Some skin opening websites show what percentage chance you have of getting each of the items in the case however farm skins doesn’t show that. With that in mind though I’ve seemed to have come out ahead by just a little bit each time.

You can see my first experience with the website on the YouTube video down below as I go through the entire process from adding money, opening some cases to withdrawing my winnings to my steam account

Free Daily Case and VGO

As of writing this today they looked like they’ve removed VGO completely from the daily giveaway and weapon cases. The daily case opening which is free now offers credits that go towards opening cases other cases with skins.

Daily Bonus Case includes:


There are multiple levels you can get which allow you to get a higher chance of getting a better amount from the case. I am currently level 3 The most I’ve received before is 10 cents with the majority being 5 cents before removing VGO. The highest level you can get up to is level 6.

If you’ve never deposited though you can only open the free case once a week.


You can withdraw the skins directly to your steam account via a steam trade link that you provide. You may have to wait for skins that aren’t currently in stock but the large majority of them that aren’t will have a timer to let you know when you can unlock them.

FarmSkins – Scam or Real CS2 Gambling website?

Support and FAQ

The odd thing about FarmSkins is that they have live support, this is unlike any other websites. This would be great however with me testing it out they just come across as rude and ended the conversation as soon as they answered whatever you had asked. Even if it was just a “no”.

It seems as if the live support personnel are only there to link to the FAQ which is what they where doing to me. Even though the FAQ didn’t answer the question I had asked.

The Frequently Asked Questions or FAG as it’s known does have a lot of information on this website.

They also have a support e-mail address if you’re having any troubles which is They do ask that if you have any problems or ideas to contact them by e-mail.

Affiliate System

The affiliate system on FarmSkins is the is the best one that I’ve come across for a skin unboxing website for Counter-Strike 2. Straight off the bat you get 5% of all deposits that your referrals make and they receive 90c to spend on the website.

FarmSkins Affiliate Program with Tier Unlocks

As more people deposit the percentage you earn can go up to 10% and the amount they get reaches $1. However I believe that most people would struggle getting to 9% and never reach 10%.

Luckily for people like me who have a brand you’re able to change the affiliate link to your brand as well as a code that people can use if they’ve already signed up without an affiliate. For me this code is labelled “csspy” because of this website.

If you’re interested from in seeing our recommended CS2 gambling websites, we have a whole post on them. It even includes FarmSkins within it.

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