Top 10 Counter-Strike 2 Memes

The CS2 game has tons millions of players of course it has tons of Meme’s made for it. A meme is a type of content usually made with a comedic nature that’s spread rapidly across the internet by different users.

4 at A

Early calling can be a great advantage when defending a bomb site in CS2 but a wrong call could be a major disadvantage. We all know that one person who call too early without the right information. Just like there is 4 players pushing into A when there is only really one.

AUG Nerf

Guns get nerfed all the time but usually only after they’ve just come out. However recently the weapons AUG and SG 553 received a huge buff making them very viable now within the game. Just like all things though it’ll be getting an update soon making it just as useless as it previously was.

Not getting MVP

The disappointment you get when you almost take out an entire squad by yourself only to lose the MVP to the person who defused the bomb. There is a big debate on whether the kills or the defuse is more important because without the kills there may not have been a bomb defuse.

Pretending to go to A site

This is a common thing you see in the game. The enemy team will pretend to make a call public and then talk about their strategy in team chat. Also just because they say one site doesn’t always mean that they’ll go to the other site.

Teammates wanting to be kicked

There is always that person who just wants to be kicked when your team is losing. Even if it’s just at the beginning of the game they just give up for the rest of the game spin and go AFK. If you’ve ever wondered how to automatically move check out our How to go AFK in CS2 post.

Don’t Eco, Rush B with an AWP

Your team will all agree to rush B but then 3 of them will buy AWPs. Not an uncommon sight on Dust 2, and if they’ve got half a brain they’ll stop the rush before you lose those shiny new AWPs. The good thing about this is that at least they’ll be poor enough next round to do the rush.

Parents want chores done

Isn’t it always when you start a competitive match suddenly your parents or family want your to suddenly do all these chores. These chore at not limited to:

  • Taking out the trash
  • Cleaning the dishes
  • Fold the laundry
  • Feed the Cat or Dog

Solo rush B

After mentioning the your team buying AWPs when you agree to a rush, no they’ll agree but then just rush any place they want to with no co-ordination. Don’t be surprised when each team member gets mowed down one by one.

The other teams weapons are better

The other teams weapons always seem to have that appeal of being better than yours. If you don’t think that don’t worry, there will always be someone on your team who does who will ask for you to pick one up an AK or M4 at the end of the round.

Competitive Aim VS Warmup Aim

That disappointment when you’re going excellent in your warmup but once you start playing competitive matches your aim goes horrible. Some say this is because you’re a lot more relaxed and more careless in your warmup matches.

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