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How to go AFK in CS2

Are you in the middle of a ranked game and need to leave for a while but a time-out isn’t long enough.

The amount of time you can site AFK in the game before being kicked by the server is quiet lengthy in CS2. If you have friends that won’t kick you you’ll be able to sit AFK doing nothing for 5 minutes and then you have an additional 3 minutes of game time before you get a competitive ban. The length of a competitive ban varies on how many bans you’ve received in the last 2 weeks and ranges between 30 minutes to 7 days.

Tactical Time Out

Once per game your team can call a vote to stop the game. The vote requires 4 out of 5 people to agree to it so it isn’t a deficient option. Anyone can call the vote by hitting going to their escape menu, selecting call vote and then selecting the “Call a Tactical Time Out”.

Auto Movement / Auto Run Script

Once you’ve enabled your console within your settings you’ll able to type in commands to make your player move automatically. These are the commands: +right +forward. It’ll make your character run around in a circle at the start of every round. This is a sure fire way to be kicked if you don’t have a friend because it’s considered griefing and many players do not like it. You can turn this script off by typing the same things but with a – in front of them. So in this case it would be -right -forward.

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