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All FREE Money for CS2 Gambling Websites [2019]

Some people are simply not interested in spending money to open custom CS2 cases but these websites offer cases for free. After opening them you may get credit on the website or a weapon you can add to your steam inventory and use in Counter-Strike 2.

I’ve outlined two of the best websites solely based on the free credits, cases or balance you get as well as listed every website you can get free things on below them.

I’ve reviewed these all these in the year 2020 to confirm they are all working. Check out ever Working CS2 Gambling Websites to get the latest list of every working gambling website for 2020 so you can withdraw your winnings without a problem.


FarmSkins Hompage

Even if this wasn’t my favorite case opening website it has one of the most generous daily cases that you can unbox. The latest update removed VGO and just gives you site credit which is by far a better way to give away free items or balance.

In FarmSkins you get a free case every 24 hours if you’ve deposited a minimum of $4. Otherwise, you get a free case every 7 days. These cases contain up to $50 worth of site credit that you can use on any case.

As a bonus, there are multiple levels you receive when depositing. The more you’ve deposited the higher chance you have of unlocking more in each free case. These levels last a total of 30 days. The middle level is level 3, while I was at this level I was receiving a mixture between 4 cents and 20 cents.


If you’re going to add money onto a website, DaddySkins has a great daily free case opening that increases with the more balance that you’ve added.

The case can be opening up once a day with a minimum deposit of $3 for the lowest level and $100 for the highest level of 5. When you open the free case it lowers to the previous level, so if you are level 5 you will end up opening five cases over five days if you don’t top-up your balance. The best gear being in the level 5 case.

All CS2 Gambling Website with Free Coins/Balance/Credits

Some websites require you to add a balance to open free cases. All of the information you need to decide if you want to use these websites has been added below. These are in no specific order and have all been validated to work by myself.

WebsiteWhat you get freeInformation 1 free case with code.
Free cases as you level up.
Use code: CSSPY
WTFSkins.comMinimum 0.02 free, goes up the higher level you are.
Free 0.25 with code.
Use code: CSSPY
DatDrop.comAn extra 5% balance when you top up.
Free case for every $5 spent.
Use code: CSSPY
CS2atse.com1,000 free credits.Use Code: Slyjesse 0.50 free balance. (SHUT DOWN: September 2021)Use Code: 391355
DaddySkins.comAn extra 5% balance.Use Code: CSSPY
Hellcase.com0.30 free credit.
Daily free case for balance or item.
Use Code: 11890942
CS2500.com500 free credits when code is used.Use Code: CSSPY
CS2Live.comMinimum 0.02 free, goes up with higher balance.
Free case if you deposit $5 or more.
Use Code: CSSPY

If you have a website or know one that gives free CS2 skins in Counter-Strike 2 then leave a comment at the bottom of the page. If it is true we’ll add it to this list after we verify it.


Hellcase Homepage

If you sign up for their newsletter you also get a free 20 cents if you have a newly registered account.

Hellcase has recently updated their case battles as well as added some cheaper cases. Keeping their website up to date and trying to catch up to other similar websites.

I’ve never had a problem with their “DAILY FREE” section consistently getting a variety of different balance wins ranging from 1 cent to 1 dollar. There is no cap on how many times you can use this which makes it one of the best websites to get free balance on.

These items they unlock can be withdrawn to your inventory on Hellcase. One of the most recent updates has allowed you to switch between items they have in stock if your item is not available at that exact point. By far the best feature that they’ve added in a long time.

This post was updated on the 19th of September 2020 which included updates to the amount of free balance you get on each website.

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