Counter-Strike Updates is SHUTTING DOWN!

For the next 9 days if you attempt to add money to your balance or trade skins to them, the following error message will pop up in red “Cannot list items, re-list items, or add funds to account. BitSkins is no longer accepting these actions“. This is because BitSkins is ceasing to operate and we explore why in this post.

BitSkins has been open since 2015 originally focusing on the trade of virtual goods with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) for games with items to trade on steam.

Popular Games Include:

  • Counter-Strike 2
  • DotA 2
  • H1Z1
  • Team Fortress 2
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Unturned

Over time the website remained the most popular website to sell virtual game skins for games on steam. In June 2019 however they removed the option to use cryptocurrencies along with bank transfers on their website. Making some people skeptical with how the website was going to operate in the future based mostly around PayPal.

The website is now shutting down after a user or criminal organization committed substantial payment fraud using BitSkins as a way to get money out. The person or organization purchased massive amounts of the Berlin Major Souvenirs with a stolen credit card, then sold them on BitSkins. Steam took notice of the massive amount and restricted the trade on multiple BitSkins steam accounts.

Email from Steam Support to BitSkins for Stolen Skins

Luckily the restriction has been removed but they’ve been reminded that their steam accounts cannot be used for commercial use and next time the trade restriction on the steam account will not be removed.

However because BitSkins is unable to validate if a game item has been acquired by fraud or is a genuine skin they cannot proceed with their service without being trade banned by steam, breaking their terms and conditions, and taking losses on stolen items bought on their website.

There is no twitter post on their official Twitter page, nor one by their CEO Atif Nazir, only a small notice on their website and the Reddit post below.

Reddit Post by BitSkins CEO Atif Nazir

Alternatives to

Now that BitSkins can’t be used to sell items many people will be looking for alternative website to use as a marketplace to sell their game items.

Skinport is an alternate marketplace to BitSkins

Skinport was always the next in line to sell virtual game items such as CS2 Weapon Skins. This website supports all of the popular games just like BitSkins but has a much better filtering system so you can find exactly what you need. With people able to withdraw the money after they sell the item unlike on the steam marketplace. is also similar to BitSkins however it trades in euros instead of dollars. It’s ran by a company in Germany.

If you are just looking to trade item game skins though among each other, I would recommend you check out CS.Trade and TradeIt.GG. These websites use bots to trade items with you, always making sure you get your item on the same trade that you deposit.

So make sure you get all of your items out of BitSkins as soon as possible before they cease their operations. If you still want to sell your skins or trade them check the links just above. It’s a sad time for all of us who use these services to see the biggest player disappear but hopefully it brings with it new and better competition.

Update: has changed ownership, with the new owners saying they are being back crypto-currencies such as bitcoins. This new comes on October 4th, 2019 only a few days of its closure announcement. There is no new information about the new team, they say that everything should be back to normal within a month.

You can read the full twitter long post here:

Although it’s open again, be is best to be cautious when using the website. They need to re-verify everyone again as private information was not shared with them. Also it is unknown with what they plan to do about the issues that the previous owner faced with steam accounts being trade banned.



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