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Where is my CS2 Competitive Rank?

If you’ve had a rank before but it has disappeared you might be wondering where the it has gone? It happens quiet a lot to all different types of players whether or not they’ve done something wrong at all. Compiled below is a list of reasons why you may have lost your rank in CS2 and have been left with none.

How to get a rank if you’ve never had one before in Competitive Mode

If you’ve never competitive mode before you’ll start with no rank. You’ll need to make sure you’ve at least reached a non competitive rank of 2 on your account. This can be done by playing other game modes such as causal, deathmatch, gun game and war games. Playing casual will give you the most benefit if you plan on only playing competitive matches as it’ll teach you the layout of the maps you’ll be playing as well as call outs and basic strategies. Once you’ve reached that level 2 rank you’ll be able to start your competitive career, after jumping into a lobby or game you will not have a rank until you reach a total of ten competitive wins. Sadly these cannot be completed within the same day, you’re limited to two wins day per day until you get your rank. You can play with or without friends for these two matches but after you’ve won those matches you’ll be unable to queue again. The good news is though after you’ve win the ten matches and you can play as much as you like and you’ll have a competitive rank show on your account.

Just a heads up once you reach non-competitive rank of 21 you’ll be able to add prime match making to your account which lets you queue for others who have prime account as well. This helps remove smurfs and hackers from your competitive games. You can read more about it on our post Matchmaking: Trust Factor Matchmaking VS Prime Account.

A list of the current competitive ranks in CS2

Wingman Competitive Rank

Your competitive rank is different from your Wingman competitive rank and come people get confused by it and that is because Wingman is a completely different competitive mode where both teams only have 2 players. You then fight it out on a short version of a map from Inferno, Overpass, Cobblestone, Train, Nuke, Shortdust, Riato or Lake. A match is won after a team wins 9 rounds and both teams switch after 8. To get your Wingman competitive rank you’ll need to win a total of 10 games just like the other game mode. However you are not limited in how many games you can win per day so you’re able to pump out each game one after another.

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Wingman released with Operation Hydra

How to get a rank if you’ve had one previously but it disappeared

If you’ve previously had a rank before it could have disappeared due to multiple reasons. The most common reasons include that you where playing with a hacker who has recently been banned. These games get reversed so any elo you gained from playing with the hacker are removed. This is to discourage people queuing with hackers in ranked just to boost up in ranks in game which was a popular strategy to increase your rank fast at one stage or for someone to make high ranked accounts to sell. Another reason is that you may have been away from the game for an extended period of time, after just 28 days not playing rank is hidden. The last most common reason is that it’s just a bug in game and your rank has just not loaded. This can happen when the game servers are under stress or your connection is not the best. You’ll be able to tell this is the case once you try to join a competitive game but it’s having trouble finding the game servers.

The way to get your rank back is to play and win a competitive game. This isn’t always easy as sometime the skill level in the rank you where once at have increased and you’re a bit rusty because you’ve been away for over a month. Otherwise if you’ve played with a hacker your skill level may be way off so it places you where you originally where at before but you will still need to win that one game.

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