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New Weapon: MP5-SD has been released!

Today a new weapon has been released in CS2 called the MP5-SD. Similar to the previous previous version Counter Strike: Source which had an MP5 this one comes silenced with a total of 30 bullets in a clip and a total of 150 bullets altogether. It replaces both the counter terrorists and terrorists MP7 sub machine gun costing a total of $1,500. Currently the gun can only be used in the Official Casual game modes and offline. The damage appears to be extremely similar to a USP-S however now being set to automatic instead of a single shot fire.

Unfortunately unlike the USP-S and M4A1-S the silencer on this weapon cannot be removed and the stock stays pushed in, we’re just stuck with what we’re given in visuals.

MP5-SD front view in Dust 2
MP5-SD front view in Dust 2


MP5-SD back view in Mirage
MP5-SD back view in Mirage


MP5-SD CS2 Game Stats
MP5-SD CS2 Game Stats

MP5-SD vs  MP7

Since the MP5-SD replaces the here is a quick comparison between the two.


  • Faster movement speed (MP5-SD 235 vs MP7 220)
  • Silenced Weapon
  • No tracers shown
  • Increased reload speed (MP5-SD 2.94 vs MP7 3.13)


  • Lower Damage (MP5-SD 27 vs MP7 29)
  • Lower accuracy when moving
  • Slower switch out after reloading (MP5-SD 1.97 vs MP7 1.43)

My thoughts on the MP5-SD

After being extremely excited to see that they’ve added an MP5 into the game the gun feels very lack luster. The damage feels shockingly low at most distances and I don’t see it being used in competitive while the UMP-45 is $300 cheaper with just as good accuracy and does a lot more damage. The CS2 developers may have learned their lesson by not just releasing an over powered weapon into competitive game mode off the bat like the original Revolver R8 was with it’s 1 hit kills. In the long run I hope they buff the damage a little bit just to bring in up to par with the other weapons.

Also included in today’s update thanks to the Counter Strike Blog – 15/08/2018


  • Lobbies advertised to nearby players and Steam Groups members will now expire after 5 minutes of the lobby leader’s inactivity.
  • Added a way to start advertising single-user lobbies to nearby players and Steam Groups members from the permissions dialog.


  • Fixed a bug causing some players, especially on DSL connections, to experience high packet loss due to packets being delivered out of order.


  • Enabled Panorama UI on Windows XP and Windows Vista game clients.
  • Enabled lobby chat when accept match popup is active.
  • Fixed various multi-line messages clipping last line of text.
  • Fixed unresponsive keyboard after typing and pressing ‘send’ in the chat panel.
  • Allow sending a Steam message to recent teammates using new Steam chat.
  • Spectator HUD elements now respect the cl_drawhud setting.
  • Fixed reconnect button when it appears over lobby chat.
  • Fixed MP7 walk up animation.
  • Game state integration includes a field “round_totaldmg” to track total damage the player dealt.
  • Various scoreboard bug fixes for different game modes.
  • Various stability improvements and fixes.
  • Fixed mapoverview icon scaling

Horizon Case

  • Added normal maps to Desert Eagle | Code Red and P90 | Traction

Perfect World

  • Improved reliability of downloading Overwatch evidence in Perfect World CS2 game client.


  • This update includes a change to “csgo.exe” which, while signed with Valve digital certificate, may still trigger warnings in certain anti-virus packages and require users to manually change their AV software settings to update correctly.

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