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Ultimate Guide to Make Money with CS2 Skins [2022]

Do you have some extra CS2 skins laying around in your steam inventory that you aren’t using or even a rare one people want to get their hands on? I’ve done some research and found the most reliable ways to make money with your Counter-Strike 2 weapon skins that you have in your steam inventory.

Unikrn esports

Unikrn esports betting lets you make money playing or watching CS2. You can legally bet on yourself in public matchmaking and win cash, even in the USA, plus you can get started by depositing skins instead of cash. You can even bet on other games including PUBG, Dota 2 and Fortnite, and you’ll earn free rewards whenever you play, even when you aren’t betting.

Rent out your CS2 Skins

That’s right, you can rent out your skins to other players for a smaller amount of what the skin is worth and people will pay to be able to use them. LootBear is by far the best website that facilities this between players. They offer a full money back for the cost of your item if it gets stolen, which is needed whenever you rent a CS2 weapon skin out.

A list of CS2 skins that people are renting out to other players to make money
People renting out CS2 Glove skins

Other options include close friends or family but make sure that you trust that they will give your items back. I would never suggest doing this with someone you don’t know in real life or have just met.

The best thing about renting them out is that you get them back in the end and can repeat the process over and over to make more money. Then when you are done completely you can sell the skin and get the initial price of it back.

Sell your skins

If you are not renting them out you can sell them on a trusted third-party website. We recommend Skinport as a third-party website to sell your CS2 skins for real money. Websites like this allow you to list your items on them and then withdraw those that sell to PayPal or Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Popular skins can sell almost instantly, so if you are able to get a popular item before you sell it on these websites it is well

Invest in skins or Weapon Cases

The last option you to think about is investing in other skins or weapon cases that will go up in price. Most weapon cases over time will increase in price the older they get as their is less being traded on the market place and the skins that players get out of them are left on old accounts not used anymore. A great example is the Bravo Weapon Case, every month it has slowly increased in price but lately has skyrocketed to $32.30 from $20.

Graph showing the price of the Bravo Weapon Case price increasing
Graph showing the price of the Bravo Weapon Case price increase

There is a compiled list of the Top CS2 Trading Websites which has a list of all the websites that allow you to trade easily in bulk.

Some questions you may have include:

How do I get CS2 skins?

You can get CS2 Skins by just playing the game. Each week a total of 4 skins drop from just playing the game. Other ways of getting skins include buying them off the steam marketplace, buying from a third-party website or player, or opening weapon cases within the game.

There is an alternative option of getting skins by filling out surveys or taking part in product offers on third-party websites.

Can I make money gambling my skins?

In the long run you will always lose to the owners of the website when gambling on CS2 related websites. Saying that though there is always a small chance you win a large amount and that is why most people play with their skins. If you are interested make sure to check out list of Legitimate CS2 Gambling Websites.

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