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Shattered Web Week 12 Guide

The week 12 Shattered Web missions have been released and to some people surprise 12 hours early. This weeks missions have been called “Maximum Impact” focusing on killing enemy players giving your team the maximum impact to win. This week will see you in Danger Zone, Agency, Train and Inferno maps.

This week if you haven’t purchased more stars from Valve you will receive the following item:

  • 1x Skin from The Norse Collection (70 Stars)
Images of The Norse Collection skins in Counter-Strike 2.
The Norse Collection

This paves the way for a new exceptional agent. The agent of purple rarity changes your players model in game. Though not the correct rarity for a voice changed agent, they do have some nice skins.

Week 12 Missions List

Down and to the RightGet 5 kills with the Galil AR or FAMAS in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma.1 Star
To Scope or Not to Scope Get 15 SG 553 kills in Guardian: Agency.1 Star
Choo Choo! Get 1 kill with the Glock-18 in Competitive: Train.2 Stars
How Rude.. Destroy 2 enemy drones in Danger Zone.2 Stars
Plant, or Do It the Hard WayGet 3 MVPs in a single Competitive: Inferno match.3 Stars
Not so Fast 3 Star Get a kill streak of 2 or more in 5 rounds in Casual: Defusal Group Delta.3 Stars

Week 12 Missions Guide

The list of the Shattered Web week 12 missions in the Counter-Strike 2 game.
Image of the Week 12 Mission List in CS2

This weeks missions are simple and fast which is an a different stance compared to previous weeks. If you are just after the 6 star limit you are able to get this week the fastest method will be to complete the two 3 star missions “Plant, or Do It the Hard Way” and “Not so Fast 3 Star”. If you have trouble getting the MVPs for try “How Rude..” and “Down and to the Right”.

Down and to the Right

Getting 5 kills will not take you more than 1 game as long as you don’t join at the end of the game. The casual game mode ensures you’ll start with enough money to buy either a Galil AR or FAMAS. As this mission require you to complete it on the defusal maps your best option is to camp the hostages if you are on the Terrorist Team or try and shoot common areas the Terrorist camp while coming around the corner if you are a Counter-Terrorist. Completing this mission gives you one star.

To Scope or Not to Scope

The SG 553 weapon in CS2
The SG 553 in Counter-Strike 2

The title of this mission is “To Scope or Not to Scope”, but the answer is to always scope. Your bullets are extremely inaccurate when shooting with the SG 553 without first scoping in. When scoped in you want to use a down and left movement while you shoot as the recoil makes the gun shoot heavily up and right. This mission gives you one star once you finish it.

Choo Choo!

You can get 2 easy stars just by getting one kill with a Glock-18 in the competitive on the map train. This can easily be done on the first round as Terrorists as everyone can only afford a pistol. If you don’t get a chance on the pistol round, you have up to 15 rounds to get one assuming you start the game on the Terrorist side.

How Rude..

For another easy 2 stars you need to destroy 2 enemy drones in the game mode Danger Zone. This can be down by spawning somewhere near the middle and shooting them once they go past. In danger zone you do not start with a weapon so the first thing you will need to do is search the local area for one. Most people won’t purchase an item which uses a drone for a minute minutes as they need to find money for the items. Once you start hearing the buzzing noise of drones that when you should start looking up above you to shoot them down, they’ll take a few shots so make sure you have plenty of ammo.

Plant, or Do It the Hard Way

The hardest mission to complete this weeks requires you to get 3 MVPs (Most Valued Player for a round) in a single game of competitive Inferno. It is not easy especially if your team is not winning as only the winning team gets an MVP each round. On top of that, there are only 16 rounds meaning 3 of those you need to do better than everyone else on your team.

The MVP is determined in this order:

  1. Plant the bomb
  2. Get the most kills

So if you and another player get the same kills, the one who planted the bomb wins. If you struggle with this one or don’t think you can achieve it, check out the two I recommended under the guides sub-title.

Not so Fast 3 Star

Getting two kills within a single round is not hard, especially on casual where you almost always have a choice to pick your best weapon. As a Counter-Terrorist camp the objective, the Terrorists will head your way and you just need to take two of them out, five times. This is the easiest 3 star mission that has come out so far.

That is all of the missions for this week, check back next week for a guide on the week 13 missions under the name “Pump up the volume”, presumably because it will involve the Negev and M240.

If you haven’t seen them yet check out the Top 12 Operation Shattered Web Skins that you could unlock or use in on your weapons in the game. Also if you want to fill out surveys, play games or take part in other activities you can get some free Shattered Web skins on

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