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How to turn off the Kill Cam in CS2

A pet peeve a lot of people have is having to watch the kill cam after they die in a casual match of Counter-Strike 2. The kill cam appears after they die and shows the last 8 seconds of gameplay before the enemy killed you and 1 second after. Totaling 9 seconds of watching a recap of the enemy player.

To turn this feature off you will need to enter a command into your developer console. If you have not turned this on yet, you can easy to do this in 4 steps following the guide to turn on the developer console in CS2 that I made.

The command you want to type into you developer console is:

spec_replay_autostart 0

If you want to have no kill cam in a CS2 config file (config.cfg) you can use a very similar command:

spec_replay_autostart "0"
Developer Console with the kill cam command entered to turn Kill Cam off
Command being used in the Developer Console

To turn the kill cam back on simple change the number at the end to 1. For example:

spec_replay_autostart 1

You will not see the kill cam in competitive matches as it gives the player who died an unfair advantage, letting the player who died tell his teammates the located of the enemy and anything the enemy saw in the 8 seconds before they died.

That is everything you need to know with how to turn the kill cam off in CS2 and how to turn it back on if you’ve changed your mind. If this guide was useful why not share it with your Twitter friends so they know as well, the share button is just below.

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