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Shattered Web Missions – Week 11 Guide

It has hit week 11 of the Shattered Web update and along with it comes six new missions for you to try out with some new unlocks. This weeks missions are called “A Dry Heat” referencing that you will be sent into the desert maps of game such as Dust, Dust 2, Danger Zone and Mirage.

The CS2 week 11 pop up message for Shattered Web

If you have not purchased any stars since the release of the Shattered Web update and you’ve collected your six stars each week you will receive the following rewards this week:

  • 1 x Shattered Web Sticker Collection (63 Stars)
  • 1 x Shattered Web Case (64 Stars)
  • 1 x Trolling Graffiti Collection (66 Stars)

Week 11 Shattered Web Missions List

No SweatGet 10 kills with the Tec-9 or Five-Seven in Casual: Dust 2.1 Star
Watch Your FingersGet 20 Breach Charge kills in Guardian: Dust 2.1 Star
Preheat Oven to 300 DegreesDeal 300 utility damage in Casual: Mirage.2 Stars
A Hot Desert WindGet 10 kills in Danger Zone.2 Stars
The Heat Is OnGet 16 round winds in Wingman: Shortdust3 Stars
Scorched EarthGet 200 kills in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta3 Stars

Week 11 Shattered Web Mission guides

No Sweat

Depending on which team you select to play on the map Dust 2 in the casual game mode decides on which weapon you will be using. The Tec-9 is a pistol on the Terrorist team while the Five-Seven is a pistol on the Counter-Terrorist team. Finishing this mission will give you one star.

Playing as a Terrorist and using the Tec-9 you’ll want to get close to the enemy as the accuracy is extremely low. While up close consistent shoot the weapon as it has 18 bullets in the magazine. The Five-Seven is very similar pistol for the Counter-Terrorists however it’s accuracy is a lot higher and it comes with twenty bullets. Money will not be an issue as you will always be able to afford one of these pistols in the casual game mode each round as every player gets armor for free.

A good location to play is where you are close to other players such as the tunnels next to the B bomb site or holding on one of the two bomb sites if you are protecting them on the Counter-Terrorist. Depending on how good you are this mission should take you between one to three games to complete.

Watch Your Fingers

You will need a friend to complete Guardian missions so find someone who also needs to complete this mission or has the time to help you. Both you and your friends kills with breach charges count to completing this one so if you are both able to get 10 each this mission will be over in no time at all. The bots get easier over time so if you are struggling do not take it to heart. Not many people will complete this without dying a few times. Completing this mission will give you 1 star.

Preheat Oven to 300 Degrees

To receive 2 stars you will need do 300 utility damage in the map Mirage on the casual game mode. What counts towards the damage is HE Grenades, Molotov Cocktails and Incendiary grenade. If you are super luck and hit a player with no armor with any grenade that will also fetch you 1 damage.

The best spots to throw a grenade are the common spots that the other team is likely to rush through or be camping. It would be easiest as a Counter-Terrorist as they are able to throw a grenade in the apartments as well as the stairs leading to A at the beginning of the round.

Don’t forget as your team mates and enemies die you are able to pick up the grenades they have dropped on the ground and use them as well. Giving you another chance to get the damage points you need to complete this mission. You don’t need to do the 300 damage in one game as it is saved and continued the next game of casual Mirage you play.

A Hot Desert Wind

Getting 10 kills with any weapon in Danger Zone should be easy, making it the easiest on this list to complete yet it still gives you 2 stars to complete it. A quick way of completing this is to start closest to everyone else, find a weapon and go out to hunt them. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time waiting to come across players stretching this missions time out longer then it could take.

Danger Zone is not a super popular game mode so if you are having trouble finding a game try again at a time when more players in your country are online, or increase the maximum ping for servers you search for in the settings menu.

This also saves each time you play the Danger Zone game mode so you do not need to worry if you don’t reach the 10 kills in a single game.

The Heat Is On

Wingman rounds are played quickly especially the map Shortdust. Winning 16 rounds though may take its time especially if you are unable to find a decent partner to play with. If you win each game this could take as little as 2 games to complete.

A good strategy as a Terrorist is to use your grenades earn on as you rush onto the bomb site. Counter-Terrorists do the same to prevent the rush otherwise the Terrorists are likely to win. If you are able to hold the Terrorists off with one player the other has the option of sneaking around and killing the enemy from different advantage points.

Scorched Earth

This would be the most time consuming mission this week but it is worth three stars. You will need to get two-hundred kills in deathmatch game mode on the Defusal Group Delta map pool. Luckily, this mission is deathmatch and you respawn instantly as other games modes would take an average of 14 games to complete if you are an average player.

Enemy players tend to spawn on the opposite side to where you have spawned so it is best to look at the mini-map to work out the location where of your team mates are and head in the oppose direction. This way you will be heading to where the enemy is spawning as well as not have as much competition when killing them.

You the weapon you are best at and mow down as many enemies as you can each game as the kills stack on top of each other each game until you reach 200.

Shattered Web – Week 11 Missions

That is all of the missions for this week, check back next week for a guide on the week 12 missions. If you haven’t seen them yet check out the Top 12 Operation Shattered Web Skins that you could unlock or use in on your weapons in the game. Also if you want to fill out surveys, play games or take part in other activities you can get some free Shattered Web skins on

You can check out the Shattered Web Missions – Week 12 guide out now and get your additional 6 stars!

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