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McSkillet potentially killed running from Police killing 3

Update: It has been confirmed that McSkillet has died in the car crash killing 3 others. He had previously rammed a sign at a school with the word “Steam” written in large letters on it. This points more to a suicide attempt that succeeded at the time of the crash over being chased by police.

Steam sign that McSkillet crashed into.
Steam sign that McSkillet crashed into.

Reports have come out from friends of McSkillet that he has died in a car crash. The crash involving an SUV and a black Mclaren 650S on northbound I-805 California, USA. The crash involving 5 cars in total killed 4 people in total instantly including reportedly McSkillet in a fiery blaze. Eight additional people where injured with one person being taken to hospital with serious non life threatening trauma.

RIP to @OG_McSkillet. You truly were my best friend and biggest inspiration in life. I know you were dealing with an incredibly hard time but I know heaven will treat you well. I love you so much. Thank you for all the amazing times. – Shnaxler’s Twitter

It has not been confirmed whether the car was running from police or that it was suicide. McSkillet had his steam account banned from participating in the steam market place with an inventory worth over US$100,000.

Car crash said to have killed McSkillet
McSkillet said to be killed in car crash wreck today in his black Mclaren

Many of the reactions online show no sympathy for McSkillet as further information has come out that a car similar to his black Mclaren 650S rammed a school gate earlier in the day to escape and avoid from the police. McSkillet was market place banned due to running bots for his CS2 Gambling website using the same phone number as his main account. When the bots started to get banned they linked to his phone number also banning all of his other steam accounts.

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McSkillets Black Mclaren 650S
McSkillets Black Mclaren 650S from a YouTube thumbnail on his channel

No matter whether it he has died from suicide, accident or from running from the police it raises important questions on what state of mind McSkillet was in at the time of the incident. It’s important to respect his family and friends at this time as they’ve lost someone no matter what horrible circumstances they may have caused. His family and friends did not cause this nor did they intend for the deaths to happen but they have lost someone.

If you want to check out McSkillet’s Steam Inventory it can be found here:

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