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Top 5 Competitive Close Combat Maps in CS2

There is nothing like being able to get up close to another player in Counter Strike: 2 and shooting them. Some players are really good at close ranged combat so playing competitive games that have more of a focus on close combat will help them rank up higher.

The official CS2 maps usually are split into two sections, one with long ranged combat while the other is close combat. The easiest example of this is if you look at the bomb sites on Dust 2. Bomb site A is wide open with long while bomb site B is closed off with a lot of cover.

Valve likes to swap around which maps you can play in competitive match making and has taken out some great close combat maps like Assault. These maps listed here though are all in the game right now and can be played in the competitive game mode.

Nuke Outside the Warehouse
Nuke Outside the Warehouse

Nuke has had some major changes over years and was removed from the competitive map pool from March 2015 to February 2016 where it came back with a major overhaul and color theme change. It was originally set in Germany however with the latest overhaul it is now set somewhere in America. It was originally made in 1999 for the original Counter Strike.

Nuke is one of the most heavily one-sided maps in competitive at the moment with 60% of rounds won by the Counter Terrorists. The outside is very open but as soon as you go inside which is over half the map it’s all close quarters. Also, both bomb sites are inside so that’s where all the action ended up happening in the end.

Nuke Top Down Overview
Nuke Top Down Overview (Click for full size)

The map features 2 levels inside with a bomb site on both levels but has multiple different ways to travel between the two.

Agency Lunch Room
Agency Lunch Room

Agency is themed in a modern high rise building over two floors. Players start half way up the high rise building and play over two floors. Counter Terrorists start outside on a helipad while Terrorists start next to a meeting room that is being renovated. This map is a hostage rescue map where players need to save one of two hostages by bringing them back to the to the Counter Terrorists spawn zone. The map was originally released with Operation Bravo but has since been released the most times with an operation and can currently be played in competitive matches.

Agency Map Top Down Overview
Agency Map Top Down Overview (Click for full size)
Mirage Bomb Site A
Mirage Bomb Site A


This map would be on par with Cache at being the best bomb defusal close combat maps in the competitive CS2 map selection. Mirage has not had any major updates since it’s release on the official map pool on the 1st of July 2014.

The entire map is basically close combat except for one part in the middle of the map if you’re standing. You’re going to love all the tight corners especially if you prefer playing maps that remove around defusing a bomb than this will be the map for you. With both bomb sites being littered with cover it provides great some great spots to defend and of course great ways to get close. Players mostly take one of two ways to each site making it a bit less predictable than some other maps.


Mirage Map Top Down Overview
Mirage Map Top Down Overview (Click for full size)
Cache Bomb Site A Location
Cache Bomb Site A Location

Cache is set in Pripyat, Ukraine next to a power plant. Released with the CS2 content update that came with Operation Bravo, it was later added to the active map pool due to its huge popularity. The map’s game mode is bomb defusal with two sites it can be planted at. It features a set of warehouses at an industrial site that players can run between which lead around the entire map.

It was created solely by Sal ‘Volcano’ Garozzo in Counter Strike: Source but ported to CS2 in December of 2012. It was then re-textured by the map designer ‘FMPONE’ in May of 2013.

Cache map with call outs from CS2
Cache map with locations named (Click for full size)

The map has a lot of close combat and tight spaces that players can weave through. Bomb site B is full of cover and tight corridors from both of the teams spawns. Bomb site A also has a lot of cover with larger stationary objects like forklifts and crates plotted around, heading here from the terrorists spawn also has a lot of corridors.

While the Counter Terrorists side is very open, the terrorist side of the map and bomb sites both have a lot of cover and tight spaces if you encounter the enemy.

Office Spawn point for Counter Terrorists inside the Garage
Office Spawn point for Counter Terrorists inside the Garage

If you want some action up close for the entire game then the map Office is what you are looking for. It’s designed and looks exactly as the map is called, it’s an office. This hostage rescue map features the closest combat you will get with many new players thinking shotguns are the best option. It doesn’t take long from them to realize though that they’re not great with a shotgun and an AWP is still a one shot kill weapon. Rifles like the M4A4, M4A1-S, and AK see a lot of action too, they are especially useful down the hallways as well as at the start of the round for taking shots at the other team.

As the name of the map implies it is an office which features a lunch room, a conference room, two main hallways and a front office. A large majority of the action happens in the top right quarter of the map where the two hostages are located before being rescued. The hostages have multiple spots they can spawn in on this map mixing each game up a little bit and making teams change strategies depending on their location. Although I personally have a lot more success on this map defending the hostage area and T spawn on this map I have seen some teams do amazing well rushing through the map as a team just wiping out the Counter Terrorists round after round.


Office Map Top Down Overview
Office Map Top Down Overview (Click for full size)

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