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How to use a Soundboard in CS2

Many fun times can be had by playing Counter Strike: 2 with a soundboard. A soundboard allows you to play custom-made sounds through your microphone, a popular example of this would be the Mario “coin” sound or music. Usually, a soundboard will have a theme to them however with CS2 it will be whatever sounds you have downloaded.

In previous versions of Counter Strike you could use a program called Half-life DJ however since the release of 2 this program does not work anymore. Now people use a free program called Source Live Audio Mixer which works with CS2, CSS, and TF2. Unlike Half Life DJ, SLAM allows you to play Mp3 files and has an easy to use graphical user interface. You’re able to set up binds for each of the sound files you have as well as tag them which makes them easy to load while in a game if you have a lot of sound files.

How to use Source Live Audio Mixer

  1. Download SLAM from their official website.
  2. Install SLAM by going through the install wizard.
  3. In the install wizard, you will need to locate the steamapp folder. This location by default is at “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps”.
  4. Press the “Import” button to add any MP3 or WAV file.
  5. On the file you just imported, select “Play Key:” to change the key bind the play that sound or song.
  6. Open the game you’re going to play, such as Counter Strike: 2.
  7. Open the developer console, enable this in the settings if you haven’t already.
  8. Type “exec slam” in the developer console to enable SLAM.
  9. Type “la” in the developer console to see all of your sounds and songs.
  10. Type the number or a tag if you’ve set up tags to play the song. To play the sound located at number 1 just type “1” in the developer console.
  11. Turning it off is as easy as pressing the play key again which you set earlier.

Although you’re using a third party program you will not get VAC banned using a program that plays sound through your microphone as SLAM does.

Where to get sounds for SLAM

You can get sounds from all over the web, even make them yourself if you’re up for it. The easiest way though is to find sounds that have already been made and converted to mp3 files. One of my favorite websites is which has over 500,000 sounds that you can easily download. Many of which are from popular games, shows, and sounds from around the web.

Another popular way would be to find the sounds on YouTube and then go to a download YouTube to MP3 website which will take the video, convert it to MP3 and let you download it. This makes getting music, sounds, and effects easy.

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