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Tarik’s Sticker updated for FACEIT 2018 – Update 31/08/2018

Tarik's new FACEIT London 2018 Sticker
Tarik’s new FACEIT London 2018 Sticker

A small 52MB update was released today on Counter Strike: 2 that some are calling the Tarik Update. The reason for this is that Tarik was the only one to receive an updated sticker for the FACEIT London 2018 Tournament.

Many where looking forward to getting to use the MP5-SD in competitive matchmaking however it looks like we’ll need to be waiting a bit longer.


  • Support added for overtime stats and round outcomes in the Scoreboard for the FACEIT London 2018 Major tournament.
  • Graphical improvement for the team logos presentation in round win panels.
  • Sometimes dead players where unable to see any data on the spectator panels, this has been fixed.


  • Added tv_broadcast_url1 and tv_broadcast_origin_auth1 to support two GOTV+ broadcasts from each GOTV instance on the game server.

London 2018

  • One sticker was updated which was Tarik. It can be seen in the image above.

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