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How to surf in CS2 Free and the Full Version

Surfing is by far my favorite thing to do in Counter Strike: 2 and as soon as you try it you’ll fall in love with it too. Surf is a mini-game where you as the play hug an angled wall while using the momentum you gain to complete an obstacle course. It has gained popularity over time as more servers started to record your best time on each map and rank you against others.

It was called surf because the original creator Mario thought that when people were playing his map it looked like they were surfing on waves. This is quite an accurate description only that the waves do not move in game. As more maps have come out they’ve been listed in difficulty which ranges between tier 1 and 6.

Although there is little known on where it originated from some say that with may have been in the game Quake or Unreal. The first Counter Strike surf map is said to be ka_killbox on the original game which was later edited by the same developer into surf_city2. Later more maps using the surf mini-game were released like surf_green.

There are two surf modes in CS2 which are combat or skill. Skill surf tests your skills as you complete an obstacle course, usually pitting you against our previous best time. Combat surf is just like skill surf, however, the aim is to kill the enemy team while surfing. Weapons are usually scattered around the map with the AWP being one of the most popular weapons. Unfortunately for CS2 Free you will be unable to play the combat maps with bots as they are not smart enough to surf.

Surfing is not really useful outside of the mini-game, however, there are some spots in competitive maps that you’re able to surf giving you a small advantage getting somewhere without taking any damage.

How to get Surf Maps

  1. You will need to download the surf maps from the CS2 Workshop which you can do either in game or in the steam application. The easiest way to get to the right place is to open the game, select the “Workshop Maps” from the drop-down menu. This can be done in both CS2 Free and the full version of the game.
    The Workshop Maps option in Counter Strike: 2 Free
    The Workshop Maps option in CS2 Free

    Visit the Steam CS2 Workshop
    Visit the Steam CS2 Workshop
  2. This will open up the steam workshop and show you player submitted content for CS2. Luckily this is available for CS2 Free otherwise it’d be an annoying process of downloading maps and moving them to the correct folder. Once the page has loaded, type into search “Surf_” and this will bring up all the maps starting with surf in it.

    CS2 Steam Workshop
    CS2 Steam Workshop
  3. Now you’ll need to select the map back in game under the “Workshop Maps” section we where at back in step 1.

    Workshop Maps Selection in CS2
    Workshop Maps Selection in CS2
  4. You will need to add the following commands into the developer console. If you haven’t enabled the developer console you can enable it in the game settings menu, you’ll need to press “~” to open it once you do.
    • bot_kick
    • mp_roundtime 60
    • sv_airaccelerate 1000
    • sv_maxspeed 500
    • sv_autobunnyhopping 1
    • sv_enablebunnyhopping 1
    • sv_cheats 1
    • mp_restartgame 1
    • god

    Or you can copy and paste this command and it will do the same thing:

    bot_kick;mp_roundtime 60;sv_airaccelerate 1000;sv_maxspeed 500;sv_autobunnyhopping 1;sv_enablebunnyhopping 1;sv_cheats 1;mp_restartgame 1;

    However, if you do this you’ll need to add the god command once the game has restarted so you don’t take damage.

    Developer Console with Surf Commands
    Developer Console with Surf Command


  5.  You are now ready to surf! Enjoy playing the surf mini-game.

How to Surf

We’ve made this video on how to surf in CS2 to show you as it’s very hard to explain in text. We’ll explain how to surf below though just in case you need that extra help.

Surfing in CS2 is very similar to previous versions of the game. The aim is to stick to one side of a ramp while moving down it jumping from one obstacle to another. If you’ve never surfed before and try to jump and glide along one of these ramps you might just slide off. That is because you’re pressing the wrong keys on your keyboard.

When surfing there are only 3 keys you need to focus on. They are A, D, and your space bar. The A and D keys are used to stick to the ramp, you’ll want to press the one the pushes your player into the ramp while facing forward. Using this text example of a ramp it will show you what button to press on which side: D /\ A

You will use the spacebar to bunny hop in some maps or if you hit the top of a ramp. If you’re not pressing the space bar when you hit the top of a ramp you may just stop where you are making you need to start the map over again.

To jump between ramps you’ll need to do a little flick or move from the top of a ramp, down to the bottom and then back up at the end to gain the speed to get air. The best way to practice this is to start on tier 1 surf maps and work your way through some of the easier training ones.

Best CS2 Surf Maps to try out


CS2 Surf Map - surf_lux
CS2 Surf Map – surf_lux

This map is an easy going nicely designed map that can be completed by anyone who is able to surf no matter how new they are. It has a nice light blue, green and aqua theme with wide ramps through most of it. The average time to complete is around 50 seconds but can be drastically improved as you get better at surfing and learn the map.

View surf_lux on the steam workshop



CS2 Surf Map surf_kitsune
CS2 Surf Map surf_kitsune

By far one of the most popular maps that appears on beginner surfer servers in Counter Strike: 2. This map is a neon 80’s style map with 9 stages. Each stage is themed a certain color and get’s harder the further along you are. It takes about 2 minutes to complete this map from start to end.

View surf_kitsune on the steam workshop




CS2 Surf Map surf_beginner
CS2 Surf Map surf_beginner

If you’re completely new to surf it’s best to start out with a map that will show you the ropes on how to surf. If you decide to try out surf_beginner it will slowly get more difficult and will give you the basic skills you need to complete any surf map. It even includes a bunny hop section at the very end which shows up as an obstacle in many maps. Lots of players have trouble with bunny hops so it helps a lot if you’re able to complete this map.

View surf_beginner on the steam workshop


That’s all you need to know about surf in both the Counter Strike: 2 Free Version and Full Version.

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  • where do i play the game at i can’t find it anywhere/.

  • hey ummm i want to learn how to join a skill surf server for free for me all the games in the workshop are all combat with bots an Dif I play the utopia map I die and I respawn in some other place its really weird can anyone tell me how to join a skill surf server for free?

    • With the latest free to play release, you are able to join a surf server in the community servers section.

  • wait so when u do step 4 almost by copy and paasting the commands for it

    u wait for it to resart and than open the commands again rightr? and thna add
    yeh so pls help

    • Yes, god is the command for godmode in Counter-Strike 2. It doesn’t need a number after it. It can be used at any time but the best time is directly after the round has restarted and there is a 60 minute timer for each round.

  • CS2 Surfer

    Honestly, the best way to surf to join a community server, then you don’t need to get any maps!


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