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Play Danger Zone Offline: Create a Private Server

I am a real fan of the Danger Zone mini-game that Counter-Strike 2 has recently been implemented into the game. It got me wondering if I could create my very own private server and play Danger Zone offline. Somewhere that I can mess around in and try to get let friends join in on the fun.

The loading screen for the CS2 Danger Zone showing a map of Blacksite

Now while we can’t set up an exact replica of the game mode privately we can come pretty close to it using console commands. If you haven’t enabled the developer’s console yet you’ll to do so. It can be found under game settings within the settings menu.

Unfortunately, bots do not work correctly in Danger Zone so you’ll need to find other players if you’re looking for a challenge.

Once you are able to open the console using the [~] button on the top left-hand side of your keyboard. You will need to enter in some of the commands below.

Danger Zone Commands

When setting up your private game you will need to define some settings like how many players are in each squad, how much health players start with and how much each cash item gives you. There are also commands which let you add items into the game world that haven’t been seen before such as turrets.

Developer Console with Surf Commands
Developer Console with Surf Commands

Danger Zone squad size:
sv_dz_team_count (Number)

Allow squad selection (using dz_jointeam):
sv_dz_jointeam_allowed 1

Auto Assigned Players to a Squad:
sv_dz_autojointeam 1

Select your squad:
dz_jointeam (Number)

Remove all players from their squad:

Place players into a random Squad:

Join a Squad (0 = none, valid squads range from 1 to 9):
dz_jointeam (Number)

Show the compass in game:
cl_compass_enabled (1 or 0)

The amount cash gives you on pick up:
sv_dz_cash_bundle_size (Amount)

Players maximum health:
sv_dz_player_max_health (Amount)

Players spawn health:
sv_dz_player_spawn_health (Amount)

Set if players spawn with armor:
sv_dz_player_spawn_armor (1 or 0)

Restart the game:

Set zone damage:
sv_dz_zone_damage (Number)

Spawn a Turret:
ent_create dronegun

Spawn a delivery drone:
ent_create drone

Spawn cash:
give item_cash

Commands to set up a private Danger Zone game

The following commands will set you up a private server right away once you enter them into the developer’s console. You can then fiddle around and get the settings just the way you want them.

game_type 6; game_mode 0; changelevel dz_blacksite; sv_dz_team_count 2; sv_dz_jointeam_allowed 1; sv_dz_autojointeam 0; sv_dz_player_spawn_armor 1

Taking your Danger Zone server public

If you want your Danger Zone server to be public and show up on the community servers list in CS:GO it’ll need to be hosted correctly. The easiest way to allow someone else to the server for you. A reputable company like Game Servers are the way to go as they’ve been around as long as I can remember and they have servers all over the world.

Alternatively, you could try to host it on your own computer but I extremely advise against this if you’re inexperienced. You’ll be opening up access to your network and using resources such as RAM and CPU while the server is running.

2 thoughts on “Play Danger Zone Offline: Create a Private Server

  • the game just ends immediately

    • You need to have players in the game. Add some bots.


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