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CS2 Battle Royal – Danger Zone

Valve has released a Battle Royal game mode called Danger Zone in Counter Strike: 2. It has been a long-awaited addition after hints that it was being worked on in patches over the last year. It allows 18 people to get together and fight to in a duo or tri team or if you’re up for it you can play against 16 players in a solo match.

Compared to other Battle Royal games like Fortnite and Player Unknowns: Battle Royal, Danger Zones matches only on average 10 minutes after you drop down from a helicopter. Weapons, Armour and Tools can be found scattered around the map or can be called in by drone to your location with cash. Some items need to be unlocked by shooting or hitting a crate them with your current weapon.

CS2 Danger Zone game mode with the map Blacksite selected within the main menu.

You’re never safe though, people can see the area that you reside in on their intel tablet or watch a drone fly to your location when delivering your goods. It only takes a take a split second for someone to cross your path and get an advantage on you by shooting you before you see them. Luckily unlike competitive and casual matches in CS2 your health has been increased to 120 you will last a few milliseconds longer if your opponent is good or much longer if they’re a horrible shot. Cash can be earned by completing special side missions like taking a hostage to a rescue zone, eliminating high valued targets or by being found on the ground around the map. Another way to gather weapons is to use the tools that you pick up to gain entry into crates around the map. If you’re lucky you may even come across a safe while having a trusty C4 in your back pocket.

Bullets are very limited for every weapon you acquire so the spraying and praying mindset doesn’t work. You will have many opportunities to engage in a firefight with an opponent, but it may not be worth it. Many times you will hear only a few shots in the background or be shot at only for the person to run because they’ve run out of bullets. Weapons deal the same damage as they do in other game modes in CS2, players just have additional health.

How to play CS2 Blacksite

You can join a game of Danger Zone with the map Blacksite by hitting the play button in your main menu. Up the top you’ll see a new button in you mini-games labelled “Danger Zone”. After selecting that you’ll be able to see drone footage of the map as well as a play button.

Waiting times will vary on your location and the current player base around the same ping that you have. Within Australia and on Sunday the wait times have been under a minute to never finding a game within half an hour.

Once you’re in the game and the timer has reached 0 to start the game you’ll need to select a spot on the map to spawn. Once you’ve been propelled down the helicopter it’s up to you to survive and collect weapons, ammo and gear off the floor.

Other Updates

With the release of CS2 Danger Zone we received a new loyalty badge and a 10 year veteran coin. The loyalty badge is received if you purchased the game and added Prime to your account before it became free to play. The 10 year coin is recieved if you’ve owned the game for a total of 10 or more years.

What are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to try out Counter Strike: 2 now that it’s free to download and play on Steam. If you’re new to the game make sure to check out our Recommended Gaming Gear to enhance your gaming experience.

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