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Buying CS2 Commends – Does it help?

I was playing Counter Strike: 2 recently and I came across a player with a few thousand commendations. It got me wondering if having a lot of bought or fake commends helps you in CS2 so I did some research.

Purchasing hundreds or thousands of commendations that look fake does not help your accounts hidden trust factor. It infant may reduce it as Valve can see who and the time you where commended. When you and bots that command you have never played a game together as well as that they commend hundreds of people a day Valve will see what is happening.

Commending a player in CS2
Commending a player in CS2

When someone commends you it shows other players and Valve that a person has liked an aspect of you. When someone commends you they can pick any or all of the aspects that you can be commended on. The aspects that can be chosen include:

  • Friendly – Being nice to other players.
  • Teaching – Teaching a player how to improve their game play.
  • Leader – Leading the team to victory.

Every time you play a competitive match if you have the most commendations in one of these aspect you get a symbol next to your name. The symbol will be either a graduation cap if you’re a good teacher, a crown if you’re a leader or a smiley face if you’re nice.

Commendations that people have given you
Commendations that people have given you

You can see all of your commendations in your CS2 personal data on steam. You’ll first need to log into your steam account and it’ll bring up every commendation that you’ve received. Including what for, who from and the time that they commended you.

Players are able to commend you by right clicking your name while in the game. If you decide to purchase commendations you receive them via the steam API instead so the person who is giving you the account’s doesn’t need to log into each one of them.

The amount of commendations you have is not considered when finding a match outside of your hidden trust factor. So you will not get into games with other players with a high amount of commendations just because you do. In fact if you get to many it may work against you and you’ll start playing with new untrusted accounts.

If you want to get more commendations on your account you can ask for them at the end of the game if you’ve been helpful or nice. Some people join steam groups who commend each other.

Instead of wasting your money on things that may harm your account you should invest it into something that will improve your game. Check out my Recommended Gear which has some great suggestions for headsets, microphones and keyboards.

5 thoughts on “Buying CS2 Commends – Does it help?

  • Miroslav66

    can you get vac banned for buying fake commends? like from bots?

    • I have never heard of someone being banned for this.

  • no, 100% no. If it was possible than VAC would have an enormous loophole, I can basically VAC ban anyone by applying the commendations to them.

  • I’m interested in buying CS: GO Commend

    • Gigi Frana

      It’s a pattern.


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