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3 game modes you can play by yourself in CS2

Sometimes you just want to play a game by yourself and that is fine, these are 3 of the most popular mini-games can be played solo in Counter Strike: 2. These game modes can be played on both CS2 Free as well as the paid version which makes them perfect for everyone.

To play these game modes by yourself you can join an empty community server which may have plugins and multiple maps that you can vote on to change the map. Alternatively you can download the maps from the steam workshop if you have a free CS2 account and play them by yourself on your own private offline server.

3. Climb

A popular climb map in CS2 called kz_colors
A popular climb map in CS2 called kz_colors

Climbing takes dedication, skill and patience as every map is different and provides a unique challenge. The aim is to get up to the top of an obstacle course by jumping on small platforms of all different shapes and sizes.

It’s fun to try and beat your timed record when playing to see how fast you can complete the map. Most online servers have a plugin that keeps track of your fastest time as well as others who’ve completed it previously so you can compare your time to theirs.

Community servers usually have a plugin which allows you to save your location and teleport back to it in case you fall. Sadly this isn’t available for the free version of the game so you’ll need a lot more patience while you increase your climbing skills.

CS2 climb maps you will love:

  • kz_colors
  • kz_frozen_go
  • kz_nature_go
  • kz_redline
  • kz_terablock

2. Bunny Hop

bhop_japan a polished bhop map in CS2
bhop_japan a polished bhop map in CS2

Bunny hop servers may also be called bhop which is just a shortened version of the original name. I bet when it was first discovered that you could jump repetitively moving forwards would increase your speed and jump distance that it would become a popular mini-game I am sure people would have laughed.

In the bunny hop mini-game you required to jump from one platform to another consistently without stopping completing an obstacle course, if you do you’ll be moved back to the start where you’ll need to start again.

As you go through the obstacle course on the map you may be presented with some unique challenges. While jumping or bunny hopping you may need to go around walls, crouch and then jump directly after or even jumping an crouching through small gaps in a wall.

The hardest maps provide extreme challenges for even the best bunny hoppers and there is always new maps coming out that you can try on the steam CS2 workshop. You can find these maps by searching bhop which appears at the beginning of these mini-game maps made for this game mode.

Great CS2 bunny hop maps to try out:

  • bhop_lines
  • bhop_lego2
  • bhop_fps_max
  • bhop_japan
  • bhop_haarukka

1. Surf

surf_forbidden_ways A great surf map in CS2 for beginners
surf_forbidden_ways – A great surf map in CS2 for beginners

Surfing is the motion of moving forward while being stuck to a slanted ramp. While that might not sound exciting right up it does get intense as you complete an obstacle course. It’s by far one of the most popular mini-games with tons of multiplayer servers available full of different sets of maps split into six tiers of difficulty.

Setting up your own private surf server is super easy and all you need to do is follow some really simple steps. Surf is one of my favorite game modes as it’s very calming but challenging at the same time. It’s great that you can just throw on some background music and spend your time trying to complete each of the surf maps in CS2. There are thousands of surf maps available to try and you can find them on the CS2 steam workshop by searching surf or the actual surf map you are looking for.

Many popular streamers on Twitch and YouTubers use surf as a way to produce content between their official competitive matches or just as a backdrop while they speak about something game related. The game mode is very unique in that it provides something that is completely different than the normal run and gun that almost every other mini-game involves. Make sure to give surfing a try next time you’re looking for something to do. You’ll defiantly be surprised how fun it is if you’ve never done it before.

Some CS2 surf maps you should really try out include:

  • surf_forbidden_ways – A single stage map with large ramps, great for new surfers wanting something to test their skills.
  • surf_lux – Another single stage map but much shorter. It required more speed and skills as it is a more challenging beginner map.
  • surf_beginner – Teaches you the basics of surf with a multiple stage map. Includes a bunny hop section at the end for those surf maps with bunny hopping in them.
  • surf_mesa – A very popular tier 1 surf map played on community servers. It’s very easy with large ramps but can be a good challenge to improve your time when you’re great at surfing.

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