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Counter-Stike: 2 January 2019 Update Information

CS:GO has had a quiet month in terms of updates but at last a decent one has come out. Sadly two great maps, Subzero and Austria have been removed in the way for the return of two new maps. Longtime players would have already seen two of the three maps called Zoo, Vertigo with the new one called Abbey.

Players without a phone number will be happy to hear that you no longer need a phone number make your account a Prime Account. Players just need to reach rank 21 playing causal matches or mini-games just like they did previously. A mobile or e-mail authenticator is also not needed to have a prime account.

Zoo and Abbey Map Release

Originally in the release of Operation Bloodhound in 2015, Zoo is back out again. As the name entails players play throughout a zoo with a safari and aquatic section outlining each bomb site.

Vertigo Map Update

With Vertigo back we have to wonder if it’ll be used for trolls and griefers like it use to be. Most people would queue it to de-rank to get easier opponents in the future or as a group that knows what there doing to stomp the other team. Originally players were able to throw a bomb off the side of the building or jump off themselves without punishment but these where fixed a long time ago. The bomb now respawns where it was thrown from and players now get kicked for suiciding three times.

Vertigo can now be played on the wingman mini-game only. The map has had an over haul. If it wasn’t for the aesthetics it’d be a completely new map almost.

Abbey has not been previously released but was a finalist in a 2017 mapping contest. These maps are not in competitive play yet but should come out in about a months time.

Patch Notes for 24th January 2019


  • Added a new version of Vertigo to Wingman official matchmaking.
  • Added Zoo and Abbey to Casual and Deathmatch official matchmaking.
  • Removed Austria and Subzero from official matchmaking.
  • Biome
  • Improved performance.
  • Removed connector between A short and A long.
  • Removed mid lower entry.
  • Added ladder to mid upper entry.
  • Moved T spawn towards A to give CTs better mid timings.
  • Fixed several bomb stuck spots and clipping issues.


  • Accounts are now automatically upgraded to Prime by reaching Lieutenant Rank 21.
  • Fixed a regression for some Perfect World accounts with completed Identity Verification and restored their Prime Account Status.
  • Fixed scoreboard team names truncation in some languages.
  • Fixed random map behavior in offline with bots game modes.


  • Adjusted velocity value for when jump ‘step’ sound plays for more consistent behavior.
  • Fixed a bug where player fall damage sound wasn’t playing most of the time.
  • Fixed a bug where “the bomb has been defused” and “counter-terrorists win” VO lines could overlap each other.

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